Does anyone feel like they dont fit in anywhere? I feel like

Does anyone feel like they dont fit in anywhere? I feel like i have no place. I dont fit in anywhere, not at home, not among my friends, not anywhere :/ i dont have a place :/

I know exactly how you feel! I feel the same it's like you could be sat with family or friends but it's as if they are in a circle and your outside of it

for 20 years I've felt that way

Describes me too

Yes, all the time.

Yes, I do. All the time.

I feel the same way. I think we just need to find our way back where we once felt need, happy. Find a new hobby. Explore new things, places. But one at a time.

You know the other day I was thinking about this. I used to play soccer before my pain got bad and i had to quit, and that's where I belonged it was my place. And I have been feeling alone and I didn't belong anywhere. But then I was thinking, I do. I am in a group with other people who have chronic pain or who have anxiety and we can all relate and help each other out in different ways. Sometimes it may not seem like much, but there's us and those who have gone through similar things and to me it means a lot to have anyone who can talk to me and help me. I hope this helps in anyway! And just know you can reach out to me at anytime (:

i feel that same way pink