Does anyone have any advice on how to get help? I've tried g

Does anyone have any advice on how to get help? I've tried going to a GP but I'm not registered at one yet but I can't find an online one and i have attacks when I leave to get there. I don't know what I can do. I can't afford expensive treatment but I'm not sure what steps I can take to get better. I've been living with this for nearly a year now and I don't think I can manage this on my own anymore.

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I am not sure. I always do a ton of looking online when I need to go someplace new. Try googling around your area for therapists? I saw a licensed clinical social worker a few years ago and ran her own practice and she charged on a sliding scale since I had no insurance. It was a tiny office and I rarely had to see anyone else so it was good for me. Maybe you can find something like that? Whereabouts do you live if you don't mind me asking? Maybe we could help find something near you?

Hi and Welcome...Sorry u r going through such a hard time. I would google therapists in your area. U can also check social services in your area. Depending on your income and if u have insurance or not. I've had agoraphobia for 25 years and have found that therapy is the only thing that has really helped me. There are medications that can help, but without the proper help, this condition just gets worse. I sent you a personal message support request if you would like to talk...This is a great place for understanding, support and resources. U r no alone and we are all here for you...

Thank you both ❤️ I live in the Uk so insurance isn't an issue for me, however a lot of places won't offer therapy without face to face evaluations which really scares me!

@Scrlctric I understand how scary this is for you. I hope u can find a way to find some kind of help. But you can count on me and this entire group for support. We r all here for you::):slight_smile:

@Scrlctric Please don't give up on therapy. Many IAPT services in the UK will offer a telephone assessment and may also offer telephone based therapy as well. (IAPT is Improved Access to Psychological Therapies and should be available throughout the UK).