Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who survive

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who survived an Asperger parent? My father has never been officially diagnosed when I read about Asperger Syndrome; it was like reading about my life. Is this a good place to get advice? I don't have Asperger but this Syndrome is why I have the problems that I do now.
I believe my father and my sister both have it. Has there been research on whether it runs in families?

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Hi, read some of your other posts in which you mentioned abuse as a child and ptsd?. Therapy will help you with mental health support. Find someone specializing in your particular symptoms. Our family has some similar issues and therapy is making a huge difference.

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Hello andine! Thank you for the kind reply. I do see a therapist at the moment. I have informed her on how complex and difficult my father has been. I will see more what I can do.

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My social skills rotted.
I ended with terrible social anxiety lol.
That's what the quarantine did to me lol.

Is there any chance that your father would get diagnosed? Also is your mother very supportive? What are her thoughts and feelings about your father having Aspergers? Google counselors for aspergers in your area see what comes up.

@Fohb460 no chance. He thinks any kind of emotional/mental therapy is taboo. My mom is very supportive but would never leave him. Thanks for your reply.