Does anyone have Spinal Stenosis? And what works for you? I'

Does anyone have Spinal Stenosis? And what works for you? I'm having a hard time finding relief for my back. Even my Orthopedists is getting frustrated. I don't want surgery. I can't take NSAIDs, I can't take a cortisone shot and PT is not working. I'm at a lost. Help!

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Yes I do along with a few other back conditions. For me I think core and back strengthening exercises has made a big difference. You have to stick to pt exercises every single day. The ones they have you do at home. Gentle stretching everyday. There are several exercises I do but the ones I do for my back every morning are, I lay on my back with knees bent feet flat on floor, press your core down so your lower back is braced down, bring a knee up towards your chest then back down then the other knee. Do 3 sets of 10 marches. Do pelvic tilts. Make sure your bed isn't too soft it needs firmness. Try a few different insoles in your shoes it will make a difference. Only wear tennis shoes no sandals. If you sit in a recliner make sure you are not sinking down in it. You can put a firm cushion on your recliner or chair. If you don't have a cusiin on your dining chair then get one on there don't sit on the hard chair but it needs to be a firm flat cushion not the kind that are rounded and unlevel..
Get back on a routine of back exercises everyday after you are up for awhile and stick to it. Look up core exercises that you can do you need to build up your core muscles to support your back. You will see over time it will get better. You probably should write down your exercises that you do to keep track and just to help keep you motivated. Get yourself some good insoles for your shoes.

Thank you. This helps a lot. I hope your back is doing well. Take care.