Does anyone here have elevated pain when you don't sleep wel

Does anyone here have elevated pain when you don't sleep well? I have a neck injury and when my insomnia is horrific my pain increases significantly. At first I thought I was just having bad pain days, but then I noticed a correlation. I think it's a real thing.

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yes my fibro is bad because of no sleep. i feel like i go 6 months of no sleep then 6 months of good sleep its a horrible cycle,

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@Jennipain I’m sorry to hear this happens to you too, but at least now I know I’m not crazy for thinking sleep effects pain. I hope you can find something to break the cycle. We could both use some good sleep for sure.

@afunk Yes, I definitely notice my pain--& stress level--is much worse when I don't sleep well! BUT I ALSO NOTICE IT'S DOWN THE MORE REST I GET. The body tries 2 heal itself when we sleep. Unfortunately 4 those of us with nighttime addictions, our bodies frequently don't get these chances often enough

@GoodGuy1 Thanks for your comments here. Stress I can understand causing more pain… but sleep? You are right though. One of my doctors said the same thing as you. The body heals when we sleep. My insomnia was so bad, and my pain was so bad, but I didn’t believe her about sleeping. Thanks for validating this. I’m sorry you have to deal with it too.

I definitely feel a link between pain and lack of sleep. My insomnia has gone on for years -tbh, i don't know how some days I figure out how to face the day.

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@Littlesis7 Thank you for sharing here. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had insomnia for so long. Getting up and facing the day like you do means you are strong. Being unemployed I can just hide at home. I guess that’s the only bonus to my situation right now. Hang in there. After hearing people share here including you, now I know that I’m not crazy for thinking my pain is worse when I don’t sleep. Thanks for you comment.