Does anyone here suffer from cervical stenosis? I have cons

Does anyone here suffer from cervical stenosis? I have constant headaches and cannot find anything to take the edge off. I have been getting epidural shots and doing physical therapy which has helped with some of the other pain but has not touched the headaches. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can make some of this pain less?

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I have lumbar stenosis, and probably a bit of cervical as well, though it has not been diagnosed. Have you had imaging done?

Yes and it is super scary looking. I go from having nice white all around to nearly black and nearly flat. The Neurosurgeon said that I am not a candidate for surgery at this time though..... How about you - have you had imaging?

Yes, my L4/L5 and L5/S1 are also dessicated with a protrusion and significant referred pain to the hip. I have found that traction helps a bit, so I hang upside down every day for a while. I have a traction device also for my neck, though I haven't used it as of late since my neck has been feeling a bit better. I had a failed stem cell injection procedure a year ago and since then have been reluctant to do any more injections / surgery.

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Wow - so you know what I am talking about! I too have the traction machine for my neck - but these days it just makes my headache worse. I used it for about 2 years with really great results. I also have an inversion "table" that I use when my lower back acts up - I really like it but it does nothing for my neck. I have "severe spondylosis" causing canal narrowing in the C4/C5 & C6/C7 areas of my neck. & I forget what it's called but my discs are protruding into the spinal column as well . They also tell me that I have facetal sponsylosis and that is what is causing my arm pain and numbness. I think I have the numbness mostly under control - it is just the pain I can't get a handle on. Have you tried accupuncture at all?

@MomofMessyGirl How’s your headaches and pain been ? In the cold weather my pain flared and I thought of you…Hope you’re having more good days than bad!

I only tried acupuncture on one occasion for another issue. I did not notice any effect. Did you sustain any injury in the past that caused the disc injuries?

I had a cervical fusion but I have a bilateral rupture above at 4-5 I put on my cervical collar and it takes the weight off my neck(the head is heavy) and apply an ice pack it helps sometimes. I get severe migraines from walking, sometimes just turning my head .Took me a year of trying different things. I have an ice pack shaped like a shawl that I drape over my neck and shoulders put on the collar and sit and make sure I'm aligned. It's a hard collar not it's the only place I've seen this shape.

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@palex71 No - no injury - this is a genetic problem. My mom had the same problem and had an emergency cervical laminectomy at 68 years old. They told her that she was one accident away from being paralyzed.

@newnormal I get severe migraines too - sometimes just from getting up out of bed. I am so tired of this.... I will look at and see what they have. Maybe wearing a cervical collar to sleep in would help. Do you wear yours to sleep or just when you're up and about?

@MomofMessyGirl just when I’m moving a lot .you might want to try slipping one on while your laying down before you get up to keep your neck aligned . It’s uncomfortable for me to sleep in …maybe a soft collar??

you should look into my new bosses method of treatment.
that video explains what he does, and what has trained people around the world to do.

it's kinda heavy to listen to, so make sure you're awake and you're willing to give it a listen... I'm pretty sure it could help you!

I take tramadol, lyrica, flexeril and a small dose of elavil to help me sleep. I have cervcal and lumbar degeneration with nerve damage in my left arm. I also have muscle spasms all down my back. I have done all kinds of physical therapy, trigger point injections, epidurals, and rhizotomies. They all helped, especially the epidurals and rhizotomies but I was still having a lot of pain. Those medicines above work for me. I cannot take strong opoids although I wouldn't even if I could. That is not sustainable for chronic pain. My neurologist gives me the lyrica and a pain clinic prescribes tramadol and flexeril. I see a psychiatrists for the elavil and I take a type of folic acid called deplin to make the elavil work better. I still have breakthrough pain but it is tolerable as long as I don't overdo it. Stretching is also very good if you do it a few times a day. I hope you find medical treatment that will keep you more comfortable.

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I agree with judyindisguise, if you are working they assume you can. I worked until I just couldn't do it and I was constantly wanting to die to end the pain. Also, seek out help for depression. Every aspect of your health needs treatment. The final straw for me was urinary and GI issues due to nerve damage. I got to the point I hadn't worked enough in the last 12 months to qualify for FMLA. I was even lucky enough to be employed where I could sit down, use my mind more than body, and people understood my frequent absence. The side effects of medication and worsening symptoms made it impossible to continue.

Thanks ladies, I no that God has a better plan for me and you all. We just got to keep the faith and keep pressing our way forward no matter what. I always have a motto, I Walk by Faith and not by sight.

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Glad your ok and in warm weather :)

If you've been at the same job for 15 years, you shoudl have enough credits. Unless, it is self employment and you haven't been paying into Social Security. The credits begin to expire for the purpose of disability when you stop working. But if you've worked steady for all this time, thats not it. Are you sure that your employer and you have been paying into Social Security, there are some jobs that don't ? If none of the things I mentioned apply to you, you need to go into your local SSA office because you need to get this straightened out. If you've worked all this time and don't have enough credits for SSDI, then you won't have enough credits for Retirement either. It is very important that you check this out ASAP.

Yes I’m going to look into that because I work for the state of Illinois and they do take out for social security. I can’t retire until 2026 when I’m 58that’s what my papers says

If it says you pay FICA, you need to contact SSA.

What question did you say I need to ask them again

If your check stubs have an amount listed under FICA, then you are paying into Social Security, if it doesn't, you aren't.