Does anyone on here live in ireland ? I want to try and set

Does anyone on here live in ireland ? I want to try and set up a support group as there are none here that deal with this type of abuse

not in Ireland, but still here for you! The in person support group sounds amazing. There are people from all over the world on the site, so you never know when you will meet someone from around the corner from you.

Hi ah thank you very much. I think a support group would be so benificial because this type of abuse is near impossible to explain to anyone who hasn't experienced it they just don't understand what it's like or the pull these people have on us. I'm suprised to see so much on the Internet but there are very few specialists or support groups. Most of us have been isolated from any support network through being controlled and our poor friends frustrations for going back time and time and time and time again so I feel the support group would really kill two birds with one stone and allow people to meet new friends because even trying to do that is a struggle when your confidence is swallowed spat up and puked across the floor from our abusers. I will refer to my narcissist as an abuser as it helps keep that vision of him in mind. Also changed his name to crazymaker liar on my phone and put a pic of him with one of his angry drunk heads on him. It helps a bit but I think the support group would be so helpful