Does anyone play GTA V online?

Does anyone play GTA V online?

Omg me!

@cocookie what system???

**** it I am on ps4

@cocookie lame X (

What other games do you have on ps3, I still have mine

@cocookie metal gear collection, Mass effect ccollection, black ops, ghost, gtav, the kid has mine craft but I’mnot good that lol, umm i think thats it lol

Oki give me a sec to plug it in and stuff, haven't been on it since I got my ps4 in april

@cocookie lucky you. I want one so bad lol. What games do you have for it?

What one we playing?

@cocookie welp black ops is on so I guess that one lol

It's only my silly British accent you're missing

@cocookie I llike accents lol. I can communicate with you through skype if you have it XD