Does anyone remember? lol

does anyone remember? lol

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Lol. I remember. I wish it was like that today.

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@Rose2131 I know what you mean. I enjoy being on this site and knowing all of you, but life wasn’t so complicated then. :slight_smile:

It was so long ago like a lost memory.... a pen cil ? right?

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@pinkmermaid correct pencil :slight_smile:

I wish people had old cash registers still. If the checker can't swipe the product or read the code, they're lost. I usually just say, forget it. I'll get it somewhere else. Not all modern convenience's are all that convenient

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@jim111 I agree and if the computer doesn’t tell them how much change to give they are lost too. :slight_smile:

I know! working fast food with those godD*** card machines not working... we got blamed for it when it was all the companies fault or the machine... I am not responsible for this trash lmao

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@pinkmermaid true and like I say computers are only as smart as the people that program them :slight_smile:

@aks :slight_smile:

@ angelgirl12 ...

I still use my "original computer" frequently. I hold it it my "original calculator" ... aka - my fingers ... ;)

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@Thor LOL Yes fingers are good calculators haha I do have an electric typewriter stored away. Lost so many things from all the moving around I did. :slight_smile:

The good old days

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@happilyforward I agree :slight_smile: