Does anyone take a daily anti-viral to prevent outbreaks of

Does anyone take a daily anti-viral to prevent outbreaks of HSV2? If so, what is the dosage and the efficacy? Thanks!

i used to take Acyclovir daily as suppressive therapy, but have changed to Valtrex "AS NEEDED".
Dosages AND Brands are set by the MD depending on the patient's history, and/or as the MD sees fit EG: first timer vs non-first timer, Age, etc.
everyone's body can/may react differently therefore always consult your MD.
as posted at the top, we are NOT medical doctors here.

@a_survivor, Thank you! So, when do you start “AS NEEDED?” For example, when you feel itching, tingling, etc.?

Thanks @ a_survivor!

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I take Valtrex daily for preventative measured and have since the start which was in 2020. I have the max dose and take 2 pills daily. I haven't had breakout 3 months after the initial breakout.

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@LKDCanada, Thank you!

I've been taking Valtrex daily for about 2 yrs now. Only broke out when I missed 2 days.

Thank you!

at one of the meetings i attended, there was a debate over daily suppressive vs "as needed".
taking daily suppressive is okay at the start, but has been known to haze the body's ability to recognize the intruder.
so, if you want your body to be the ultimate warrior, you may choose as needed and live a healthy lifestyle. when the body needs a little help, then Valtrex to the rescue!
as stated, i've weaned myself off daily suppressive therapy. lordy knows i ingest enough pills.

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@a_survivor Thank you!!!