Does anyone take Topamax for their pain?

Does anyone take Topamax for their pain?????

Yes I have for a year now. The joke is the the docs call it "Dopamax" because it can make you forgetful. I found it quite upsetting to lose my words and be so forgetful. I take Prevagen and PharmaGaba to help combat the "dopie"effects.Both from the health food store. The nerve pain relief has been great with no weight gain I actually lost 10lbs.

Did not work for me. I take Nabumetone 500mg 2xday. I can have the 3rd if needed. I still get them like today, but they are not as bad.

Thank you this is the last attempt before the nerve is cut and that's not even a gurentee it'll take the pain away. uggg wishing I lived in a state of medical marijuana legalized but not even sure I could take it being I've never done a drug in my life but I'm soooo desperate, but will give more thot on that one

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I wish you luck..Nerve pain is a tricky thing. I had a nerve release in my forearm for unbelievable pain in my hand as a last result and was so happy with the result. I am left with some numbness that I have to be really careful of ( i got a bad burn and didn't feel it) but the horrible pain is so much better. Along with Topamax cocktail it's better. Hope that is of some help. Topamax took 2 weeks to notice a change BTW.

I have 2 blood vessels that attach themselves together. My neurologist doesn't want to do surgery yet. I have to keep myself clam and no drama.