Does exercise help with Arthritis

In another thread I shared about my mother who has had arthritis for years. It was really bad for her at one time which was in the early 2000's. During that time I gave her a stationary bike. She says she has ridden it faithfully everyday since and that it has helped with her arthritis. I have also found walking and riding my stationary bike helpful with mine.

Has anyone else found exercise to help with their arthritis?

i do think it can help, the only problem being overexcercising or overdoing it that is damaging to your joints and stresses them out too much. i know that has happened to me, and it really is painful.

if you do excercise, id say do it in moderation and within your limits and something you can do--like for me, i cant really use my arms much, so something that works the arms is a work out machine i cannot use. it is painful to excercise with arthritis, ugh, how it sucks, how i wish i had limber pain free joints, but there is a difference in my knees when i do excercise--just dont over do it.


I have read so much here lately but I think I read somewhere that doing water aerobics and/or exercising in the water is helpful. This is said to be easier on the joints. I know years ago when we were living at one apartment complex, we had a swimming pool right out in front of our apartment. During the warm months I was in the pool daily swimming and did exercises in the water. I really miss that.

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