Does it ever stop hurting

After my mom died everybody told me that time heals after three years and it still hurts when does it get better. Everytime I think I am okay something happens, either someone I know dies or something I see brings me right back...when will it all get easier?


they were right time does heal but its not measured in days minutes and seconds. its measured in how u feel u are coping and set backs are quite normal.

often loved ones leave before we are ready for them to go, it might be the best thing for them to leave us due to one thing or another but then we have to spend a lifetime without them and havent finished telling them things.

if after all this time u are feeling down it might help to have a quick docs visit to make sure u have no underlying illness or problems that are contributing to the way u feel.

have u tried to write a journal that allows u to pinpoint the set backs and the triggers?

or maybe its time to join a facetoface grief group where others like yourself are still feeling the emotional pain

the other thing is how would how u are feeling make your loved one feel? would they still want you to be living half a life or do they expect u to get out there and be a mover and shaker.

hoping this will help u forward

keep posting and chattin

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes