Does Narc have physic power? Once he know I am finally let

Does Narc have physic power??? Once he know I am finally letting go, he comes back to haunt me again. Texting me saying he has money to trade now and how am I doing, wtf? I am having the fearful feeling again :(

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Block him . Move on if you really are finished

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@durrj91 Before, I hesitate to block him coz I still kinda have feelings for him but now, I feel fearful and phobia just thinking bout him. I just need to build up the courage to block him coz I am naturally someone who does not want to make any enemy

Yes.. they can sense when you no longer are willing to be their supply, and like a true addict, will come to make sure they can still have you.

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@tink777 OMG, it is happening again. I am not going to supply him with anything anymore. He had drained me up so bad. I am so done suffering. I don’t need him in my life ever

the only thing that works is a clean break. that's my best advice, highly painful but well worth it

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@tink777 Yes it is, rather be hurting now than to drag further. That’s what I m trying hard to do

Have you girls heard of Melanie Tonia her and see what you think.

NC- don't let him get in your head and start making feelings come back to you- remember that it's all a facade- any type of narc is not capable of love- they have no empathy he only wants to feed off of you and drain you mentally emotionally take your money etc- they only want to see you self destruct- and that's it- there not human!!!

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@northernbayfree Totally agree. He just want to make my life miserable…ugh. I will keep reminding myself on this point. Thks :slight_smile:

That is what they do! Every time I get in a good place and I'm getting ahead, mine come back, with out fail. Then when he successfully gets my emotions back I'm suddenly not good enough for him, he needs someone that can take care of him. I take care of myself I do not need someone to take care of me, it is important to me that I stand on my own two feet.
Stay strong girl, block him and move on for you.

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@madhatter_sc U too, we gta b strong and steadfastly steady. Don’t let d Narc to take advantage of us ever again!

I went through this for a long time , my boyfriends ex would call him once or twice a month and everytime when me and him were doing really good she would call to ask him for things start fights blame him fir things or talk about dumb stuff to take up his time and it really messed with him and our relationship and our feelings and she knew it, he blocked her from fb and he doesnt answer her calls thank goodness!

@Beebird Your boyfriend did do right thing. Good for u

All I know is I have got to learn from this and move forward. Dating and everything that comes along with it, it is off the table right now for me. I have so many other things that I need to put my heart. mind, and soul into. Clowns such as my ex are not on the list.

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I do not want to love him any longer, I want to that to go away more than anything. The smallest things trigger that emotion and the next thing I know I want to talk to him and I start to go over the great times, and then the tears come.

@madhatter_sc Relationship is not part who u r, u r complete as a whole person. Handle d important things first. Your ex, out of sight, out of mind. Go NC will be a good start, I m doing it now. Hang on there girl, hugs!

Nice :)

Thank you for your support and hugs to you as well. NC is a good place for a new start. You hang in there too. Need to get away from the side of town I live on, I run into them periodically, not fun!

@madhatter_sc Do whatever is necessary to avoid him. Hugs