Does Narc have shame and pride? They can just pretend that e

Does Narc have shame and pride? They can just pretend that everything is ok and start their tactics all over again, when will they stop? They seems inhumane...ughhh

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Well they definitely have pride, but I highly doubt they have any shame. They may pretend to have shame, but in reality they don't. As to when they will stop with their bs?NEVER!!!

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@ColaWars Is it possible for us to turn the table around with them? Do we, human, have a chance against them?

They don't have shame or pride because most things they don't care about. This is why they seem inhumane. It's ALL about them and how they can benefit from WHATEVER, even if it means hurting or taking advantage of someone.

@TheRainbow Yes, they do not spare anybody who is their target, without any empathy. They r like serial killer TBH

Sociopathy is a spectrum, so its in varying degrees. Mostly no emotional guild. but there is a mental awareness in my narc when something is wrong, and what type of apology to give it. but its not from the heart. If as many write, their survival is based on dominance and control - then feelings like guilt are a weakness, an acknowledgement of wrong doing or inferiority on their part. If they are not high on the spectrum, then maybe some have glimpses of remorse. or a fleeting moment of regret if that.
nothing a new supply wont fix though!

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@violet2016 To me, narc is sociopath to serial killer in d making. D need to be locked down or they won’t stop hunting. It is scary that they r living among us. D damage that they cause is irreparable :frowning:

Scary isnt it. Theres no telling what type of depravity they can pull off.

@violet2016 Exactly. They could win an Oscar might as well :frowning:

they dont deserve the benefit of the doubt. they cant control themselves so they control others. that could include children we may have from previous marraiges. yes this may be an extreme statement but how do we realy know what they will and wont do when a mothersdoing a shopping run or worse, popped into the shower. this is a huge concern for me as a mum. we are the gatekeepers of our little ones and their safety. mine is great with kids and at the same time, very critical of my parenting. he was already tring to tell me that i favour my son over my daughter and thats why my daughter was his favourite... creepy as hell. sorry but i dont think so!

@violet2016 Controlling ppl is their main agenda. That is when they get their fix and feel good :frowning:

suffocate the life out of us.

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@violet2016 Thus we cannot Narc in our lifes, period

When i first caught mine cheating he went and hid in his house with all the lights off as if nobody was home. He was hiding on the floor underneath his comforter. I only found out cuz i tore open his window screen and climbed in thru his window thinking he wasnt home but when i stepped foot inside my foot was stepping on his body haha not the floor. And he still lay there quiet cuz it was dark and maybe he thought i wouldn't notice. So strange. I still feel like asking him abt it but dont want the mask to fall so im letting it go snd writing it off as psychosis. Haha. In any case i wonder if he felt some shame as he was hiding. Or maybe he just didn't wanna get yelled at and confronted. Shame would be too normal for him. He doesnt deserve that much credit.