Does talking really help or does it just make it real?

Does talking really help or does it just make it real?

Talking has certainly helped me along the way. Especially when I have talked to someone who has been further along in the healing process than me or can see things from a different perspective. I think in the end, we are all responsible for helping ourselves. We choose what to take in and what to filter out.

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@java Very well said !!! :smiley: What keeps me from absolute panic is focusing on Recovery. It is possible, and staying lucid/aware is part of it. Sometimes it’s minute by minute ! Talking is certainly helping, a lot. :smiley:

Oh wow that is so awesome !!! :D That definitely gives me hope - I'm doing a meditation drum circle Friday night, I'm thinking that being able to focus on only the drum rhythm and let everything else just "quiet down" is going to be a good thing. It does make sense to me that if you relax your body, your mind will also follow and relax. That is SO great you were able to have that muscle memory of relaxation , and "go there" instead of getting triggered. :D

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US govt (if you trust them) just released a report based on huge study that talking therapy was at least as good and maybe better for schizophrenics. Bet that applies to many of us non-schizophrenics. Talking helps me once I can work myself up to it