Does this sound crazy....? When i first found out i had it

Does this sound crazy....?
When i first found out i had it (in Nov. 2014), i avoided sex, and never wanted anything to do with it at all anymore. But now sex is all i'm thinking about. At first it would take a lot to turn me on, but now every little thing gets to me! (arguments especially)
Does anyone else has this problem. if so, help a sister out because I'm stressing over here.

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Maybe you have gotten to the point where you are more comfortable with your diagnosis and have realized it isn't such a huge issue, plus almost half a year without something makes you crave it, right?

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I agree with @Hearmeroar It's not too far out at all - like they say, when it rains it pours. You've most likely been suppressing feelings that were previously never really held back. Now that you're more comfortable with your body, you may be beginning to feel like yourself again and these natural urges are flooding back in. If I were you I wouldn't fight it, its a nice change of pace from being a bummer - if anything I'd be happy to being feeling something I've been missing for so long. I'm sure many here can relate to this experience too, I wouldn't sweat it =]

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It's normal. Don't too strict on yourself

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