Dog rescue org. help

I know this is not to do with the topic every one talks about, but it is dear to my heart and I help this rescue all the time and have fostered dogs for them that either have pups or are older and just need a few good months to call a place a home.

Please go on thier website if you have time and vote for them to win some money. I know many other shelters need help but like I said I do help these guys and know they work hard to save all the animals they can. If you do not want to vote for them I understand but vote for one near you that you know is good.

The shepherd rescue site I am talking about is
It is westside german shepherd rescue In California
When you get to their site it will ask you on the second or third picture down to vote for them. You will need their name and state to look it up to vote.
And again please do this it means a lot to me, and the dogs and liek I said if you know of a place well then vote for your favorite one.

Thanks every one


That really burns my hide!! This is a website dedicated to HUMAN BEINGS who are contemplating their own demise and you have the Gaul to sit and talk about dogs? You tree and animal huger's are going to have to come to the realization someday that human life is more precious than any animal or tree on Earth. You remind me of girl I used to know who cried over the death of deer that was hit by a car and the driver clinged to life before finally recovering. You really make me sick. Perhaps you can contact the animal humane shelter next time you need guidance. I'm sure a St. Bernard will give you great and comforting advice.

You know first off two of my dogs that help me get thru the day and live came from this rescue group so it means a lot ot me. plus the rescue group has helped me thru hard times too, so it is a way for me to give them thanks. I know what this site is for and I have talked to many on it for help and to help others. But when a place has helped you out like this place has done for me I want to help them back. When I have been suicidal the people in this group have been there for support, and maybe it is sad but I do not have many people around in my life for support.


k9 voted per your request, i to if not for the love of my animals back in my younger years wanting to end my like i would not be here. at the time i thought they were the only ones that loved me and cared what happened to me. i just hugged them and cried. thanks hun anything else i can do to assist let know.

Re: Post from Pluto

I don't usually get up on a "soap box," but I feel a great need to explain how important my pet has been for me since I was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Humans are DEFINITELY the most important beings on earth--no doubt. But I can say from personal experience that my cat KNOWS that I am sick and gets into my lap or crawls on top of me when I lie down on the sofa. The purring and the warmth of his body is really better than any tranquilizer. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and friends, but sometimes they don't know what to do. My cat just loves me and wants to be close.

My best advice (unless you are allergic to animals) is to adopt or borrow a pet during your cancer treatment. K9, I will go to your web site.

I truly believe that God gave us enough LOVE for people, animals, and nature to go around!

PS: Many people tell you to put yourself first during cancer treatment and that makes sense: however, reaching out to other people and animals that you can help can be also be a part of the healing process.

hollyanna beautifully put, i'm house bound and bed or couch ridden a majority of the time and you are so right i have cats that will just lay with me as i cry from the pain. i to am blessed with wonderful family and friends and they struggle with what to do when i'm in pain where as the cat or cats will just lay there and purr and lick me. thanks so sharing that hun.

I believe that people that have had pets of any kind know how much they mean to us and our daily lives.
Rescue dogs are the best. I have had 19 dogs in my life that I have had maybe a few months due to old age when I got them to 20 years. Each and every one touched me in their own special way. The two I ahve now are no different and to get a pet from a rescue is helping one out that did not deserve to be left behind. , I understand some people have no choice, but the dogs or cats still love any one that takes them in. Every one take care.
And even if this site is for people to help others, the animals do more in our lives at times than any one else can do.


all my fur kids are strays that found me, love them everyone (9) of them. if i were able i would have loved to due animal therapy at hopitals/nursing homes and anywhere there would be a need. love to you all and your fur kids to!

Well said K9-shame on you plutocup.