Doing better today. When I wrote my last post, it was really

Doing better today. When I wrote my last post, it was really revealing. I realized that the reason I felt so much better while on that really strict diet, was because most of my allergens were completely out of my diet. I've realized I need to work on eliminating my allergens, one by one, as I did with coffee and dairy way back when I first got my results. So, right now I'm working on taking wheat out of my diet. After my binge yesterday, I haven't had any since, and don't plan on it. :)

There are still several foods I'm allergic to, which I will work on, one by one. But for now, I have to go at least two weeks without wheat before I go on the next allergen. This morning I ran six miles!!! I'm feeling so much stronger than I was a couple months ago!!! Once I get to the point that I can do six miles in an hour, I'm going to work toward ten miles....then try to get ten miles within the hour'ish lol. I want to be able to run an hour at a rate of about eight minutes per mile. That makes about 7.5 miles per hour. On my fast days, I want to be able to do more, and my goal is to be able to run a marathon....but that will not happen for a while. A marathon is over 26 miles.

So glad you're feeling better today. I think your plan to eliminate your allergens one at a time is wise. You're doing an awesome job taking on the task of figuring out your eating and developing a life plan!

@jimisgirl Thank you! You’ve been such a great support!!! And you are so encouraging too!