...doing fairly good until I got an email reminder from our

...doing fairly good until I got an email reminder from our site here. I happened to look over to the "Support Someone" column and noticed somebody had posted 'Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior? He's knocking on your door right now' What I'd like to know is this. Is this site exclusively a "Christian" site where people can proselytize at will? Just curious. I'm not into that fiction or mumbo jumbo myself but respect people that find solace in this sort of thing but preaching on a site is where I draw the line. I'll be happy to move somewhere else if this continues....

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This site is open to all beliefs. The groups are open to all as well. I understand how it might effect you but the easiest thing is to bypass topics that bother you

I'm not a Christian myself...so far I haven't had any preaching on here.

The site doesn't have any immediate rules about religious stuff I believe. It's a little vague and we all just sorta use our best judgment. Religious based encouragement is fairly common, sometimes it gets a bit stifling but usually it seems within reasonable bounds. Stuff that seems like just trying to win converts rarely ever occurs. There is a site TOS clause which could reasonably be invoked forbidding posts that "does not generally pertain to the designated topic or theme of the website." For now I've just pm'd SG about it pointing out that this sort of thing seems to fall outside the site's purpose, and perhaps they will remove the post or conceivably they might give us all a clearer standard of behavior for this sort of thing, Though I kind of suspect not as this is rarely ever an issue and the whole vague, best judgment thing usually seems to work out well enough.

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@Northguy …look, I think it’s great for those inclined, to share their beliefs and encourage others too, but sometimes they go too far with the proselytizing. They sometimes know no limits, that’s all. These Christians seem to monopolize it mostly, they maybe need to ease off a little bit that’s all.

i try not to push my beliefs on anybody, sorry you felt that way i do happen to believe and i have had it shoved in my face too

I may believe in a higher power, but I personally have found most of the religious posts that I've come across lately to be down right offensive! There are people on this site who've been thru REAL **** and sticking God in their face seems more like an insult to me at times. It's pointless. Beliefs and religion don't change what we've been thru. I've suffered abuse from "Christians" and church folks and I grew up christian and you know what... the last thing I wanna see when I come onto a support site to find comfort and support is a bunch of GOD babble. It's fine if that's what you believe but talk about with others who believe in PRIVATE. There's those that have extreme hate toward God, because of their circumstances or extreme hurt. For me it's a trigger. All we asking, I think is for a little more sensitivity and consideration toward people who don't care to hear about God on HERE. Especially when there are posts about it, what seems everyday lately. If God "works" for you... great. But that's not everyone's experience or viewpoint. God simply is not the answer or even part of the answer for some people and God doesn't fix anything nor make anything better in some people's experience.

also just fyi anyone, not just mods, can pm SG directly if they have any issue with content posted here and either express their thoughts directly or link to a thread like this so SG can see what commenters are thinking. I've informed them of this thread already, I'm just letting you all know for the future. Sometimes SG will make changes or additions to site rules in response to member requests.