Doing great, but feeling a bit anxious :/

So I kicked off my 6 week revamp on Saturday. I been doing pretty good considering last week I was just at it with my eating. I'm actually surprised at how well it's going because I've gone through withdraws from cutting down my food intake...the hunger headaches, light headedness, the bitchiness, etc. with previous attempts, and this time I'm not. I have more energy...that's for sure! I don't feel like the weight of all the heavy food is weighing me down. I'm still not satisfied how I look with my clothes, but I know my changes are a start. My problem is that I'm very hard myself! This isn't the first time I've been on track with my eating or losing weight, but I'm really trying to make healthy changes , slowly. I'm afraid that at the end of the week when it comes to weighing myself the scale won't budge at all... I know I would be uber bummed! And, I don't want to be because that can trigger me going the wrong way again. Overthinking...I know, but I'm anxious!

Beebee - it sounds like you have a good attitude are trying to be healthy. be careful with your ed because it is important to not go to extremes but make sure you are still eating in a healthy manner. and don’t pay attention to the scale, i noticed that when i work out my muscles build up and muscles weight more than fat. so throw out the scale and just go by feeling healthy and good.

Victoria1981...Thanks for the words of encouragement. Problem is I see my doctor often so I'm weighed regardless, but I'll try

i get the doctor thing. stay healthy and focused on being healthy, you will get there. and keep writing to let us know how things are going.

Can you get a nutritionist who can give you a healthy meal plan? I'm just worried you may take it too far, it's really easy to.

I know how daunting a scale can be. But remember the scale isn't the measure of how well you are doing...what is the measure of everytime you are triggered to binge...(and we do recognise the difference between hunger and binge hunger)...sit down and figure out what is it that I'm feeling, what is going on...that can be very very difficult, get through a few of those and emotional lbs will come off, making you feel lighter.

It's a very complex process. If it were only so easy as to just say right I'm going on a "diet"'s's actually about setting yourself free from that diet world and figuring out the feelings behind the food.

And try not to worry, if you have that is nothing, you are doing great, just take it minute by minute, and have a journal with you to write down your emotions.

I'm here for you
Love to you
Moongal x


I am also worried about your diet talk here... I hope you realize that losing weight won't, in itself, make you happier... I'm a bit confused by your post, I guess... This is in both the ED site and the Weight Loss site... There seems to be a conflict of interests there... Weight Loss is a pretty straight-forward goal. But if you're really interested in recovering from your eating disorder, then weight loss can NOT be your focus. Please consider getting a nutritionist and seeing a therapist to help you sort this out... I wish I had done so sooner than I did. It really does help. ♥

Much love,


@ Victoria1981... Thank you. I'm really trying to keep a healthy balance. I'll keep posting. Thabk you for your support.

@Kristin... Thanks for the concern. I've gone to a nutritionist and she pretty much told me you know what to do, you just have to do it. Wasn't much help. Waste of a fee! I'm looking into other options.

@Moongal...Thank for your response. I know I shouldn't be using the scale for measurement, but I tend to find that when I'm doing good with my ED than I'm losing weight also. But, I've been trying to be aware of how I'm feeling in general. It's also about just finding a healthy relationship with food and asking myself why I'm eating. I don't really care for the word diet too much. lol

@Jen....I've been battling both for quite some time...As a kid, I was always overweight and then I had other issues that just pushed it into an ED. I've seen a therapist and psych for the issues that started my ED. I can say that I've handled those things and my ED is not because of that anymore. I thought handling my problems would cure the ED, but I realized it's just a habit I need to kick. I do it because it's routine for me. So I have a bit of a fusion going on...If I broke my habit then I can aim for a healthy life style leading to weight loss. And, I know what you mean by waiting too long! It took me two years to see a therapist and a psych about my depression and anxiety. I'm working on though getting a psych and/or dietician specializing in ED...I'm very particular about who I open up to. Thanks :)

beebee its good that you see a doctor and therapist. also it seems that your working hard to get to a healthy place because you are aware of your ED. just be sure to be safe and write to us whenever you need support, we are all here to help you and want to make sure you don’t go to an unhealthy place.

Victoria, you always keep track of me so I will too :)) Ok so your doing a great job and your talking to a person that adores FOOD..I cook all day everyday and maybe I can give you some tips:) I am spanish so I grew up eating lots of heavy food and meats super FRYED!! It was bananas.. I kept on doing that even into my adult life. Until about a year or so ago. Dont get me wrong I still eat my Rice but PORTIONS Are KEY! Not only that but I have no idea what time you eat at?? Hmm Tell me a bit about what the problem is and maybe I can help :)) Muah and have a beautiful night Doll..