I'm out for the nite! Needed someone to talk to all day but, I guess there isn't anyone who wants to talk today. Oh well, story of my life.

Hey, poppysmom!

Sorry that i was not on hear much at all today. If you get back on later give me a shout..... I want to makwe sure you are okay.

hi poppysmom,

i hope you are doing alright. please let us know how you are, and how you are feeling.

Wishing you the best.

Hi poppysmom, How are you doing today? I hope you are ok. I wasn't online much yesterday. I am online now. Please let us know how you are doing. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

poppys mom

hope u are feeling better today, would love to chat to u when u are online and make sure u are ok

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

I'm Ok. Thanks everybody for your caring words. Just kind of stressed this week. But I'm fine.

Have a good weekend.

poppys mom

i dont think weekends were invented to be good when u get past a certain age, mine will be full of swim classes for grandchildren kung fu for them and oh yes feeding them

but u have a good weekend

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

That's what I have heard. I can't say from experience yet. I don't have any grandchildren yet. Good luck with them and I hope it turns into a good time and not a lot of work for you.

I have to work all weekend this week, so I don't have to tell you how my weekend will go. Working till 8pm. Ughhhhhh!

poppys mom

its the best there is all the joys of parenting without the hassel of being in charge :)

we are not the disiplinarians or the teachers, we purely have fun and do daft things without having to be the voice of reason and best of all they are all boys :)

so it means lots of dirty washing for my poor daughters, lots of fun things for us and best of all when we are tired we give them back :)

hope u feel better and have had a good day

as always loving thoughts and postivive vibes

D :)

Oh, I can't wait until I have some grandchildren. Then my boys will really understand why some things were the way they were when they were little!

Hey poppysmom, How are you doing today? I feel like you about my kids having children. I know only then they can fully understand what it is to be a parent. I have over the years after having kids myself understood more about my mom. I have thanked her many times since and told her I love you many times. You don't know what it is like until you walk in those shoes. Keep coming and sharing with us. ((((hugs))))

Hi Bluidkiti:

Sorry I didn't get back right away! Haven't had access to a computer for awhile. I'm here tonite if you are! Yes, those darn kids will grow up someday just like i did and probably tell me how sorry they are just like I did my Mom. Even though I wasn't a really bad kid. Just had a smart mouth!

Poppys Mom, I think it gets hard to navigate all the areas on this site. I just now found your thread to respond. It does feel lonelier when no on responds. Sorry you were left without hearing back from us. We are all here to support each other, as best we can. I too have grandchildren and know the joys they bring. I wish you many one day and you too can know our joy. Don't give up on us, just keep posting and we'll find you. Hugs, Raylene

I will! Sorry! I was just having a bad day at that time. Thank you!

Hey girl, boy you've been working hard, where the heck do you ever find ME TIME???? Your a hard one to pin down, I had to look around alot to find you again LOL.


Hi April:

How are you? Hope you are doing well!


Poppy's Mom, I totally understand about those bad days. I also know how it feels to put yourself out on this site and not get a response. I think it's our insecurites that shine at those times. People pop in and out and sometimes it's hard to locate your answer. I like that we can go back to our watched sites to see if there is any response. Just don't give up and keep posting when you need to. We will respond when we find you. Hugs, Raylene

I was on the weight loss site following the trail, you work so hard am thinking one would have to get up @3am to take a walk UGH. I walk my dogs 3xs a week weather permitting so am looking forward to getting back into it cause its been over 100 w/humidity of 100%, it'll kill me & them to walk in it. :/

OMG!- That humidity is what kills us. I visited my parents in Arizona in May and it was awesome. It was hot but didn't compare to home where it would have been unbearable with the humidity. I live in the midwest and it is now finally starting to have a break in the weather!

But, fall means that the snow comes soon! UGH!


Finally got some tolerable weather YIPPY, walked the dogs for an hour & half, felt great, I even enjoyed seeing the **** vultures (gods clean-up crew) fly around, smelly creatures. I hope it keeps up for awhile.
Snow.... I lived in Colorado for 3yrs. subzero forsure, I dont really miss that though, I do miss the beautiful countryside. So UGHHHHH is right w/snow, I love AZ. been looking at property for awhile there but cant afford to sell this yet just the way the market is for a few huh.