Don't know how to stop going to the casino!

How do I stop going to the casino! I have tried and tried and tried and every time I tell myself that I am not going back, I go back the next day! If my best friend wants to go, I go! If my husband wants to go, I go! I have wasted so much money and am in deep financial trouble, I just always go back in spite of knowing that I shouldn't! I don't know what to do:(

I know how you feel okie70! I want to stop too! I have credit card companies calling me constantly. I think I'm going to try a GA meeting this afternoon but they are so few and far between. Good luck maybe we can help each other in our quest to not go.

Thank you ndforbf102011, I am so weak when it comes to saying no to going to the casino! I have creditors calling me too and that is just one reason I want to stop gambling. I think I go because when I am there, I don’t think about any of my problems, the atmosphere is fun and exciting and the games are so fun. I feel like should be able to go in a casino and just play for fun and leave without loosing much money, but that is not what happens. I see people winning around me and I remember all the times I have won big, so I start raising my bet and before I know it I am out of money and have spent my grocery money. After that happens I leave the casino more depressed than when I walked in. I have to stop, I want to stop. Thank you so much for your support, I hope we can help each other.

I go to forget my problems too and I feel so alone. I'm kinda over the exciting thoughts! LOL One thing I do before going to make sure I have my car, house, utilities and groceries bought. It's my credit cards I'm not paying and those suckers call constantly! I'm afraid they are going to contact my employer next.

I don't like going with people because I don't want to leave if I'm winning and want to leave if I run out of money and don't have my car. It's something I feel safe going to alone. Luckily I don't have the urge to go back and try to win my money back the next day - I don't have the urge to go everyday either.

I am tired of not having money to go on vacations or buying things I want. I want to file for bankruptcy to get out from under my bills and my house (not sure why I bought it to begin with). I'm single so taking care of a house is more responsibility than I thought. I went to a GA meeting last night and plan on going more to figure out how to stop. I don't want to be a prisoner to the casino any more!!!

Okie70 I wish for the best for both of us! I'm going to tell my one friend who goes all the time to not ask me (we do go but normally take 2 cars). I think that is a step in the right direction. Does your husband think you are going to much too? I'm single but I would think you would need his support for it to work.

I feel the same way about not having money to buy the things I want or need. We don’t take vacations either because we never have a savings for vacations or even holidays. i definitely feel that I am a prisoner to the casino. Sometimes my husband and I take two cars, sometimes we don’t, but I can relate to what what your saying. When I am out of money, I want to leave the casino and not wait on the person I am with. My husband has no idea how much I spend, and he wonders why I get so much more in comp play than he does. Obviously it is because I spend a lot more than he does. I also am going to tell my friend and my husband not to ask me to go. I think it is great that you went to a GA meeting. When you went to the meeting was it a closed or open meeting? I checked on online for some meetings in my area and they all appear to be open meetings. I’m just not sure what to expect. My husband will support me not going, and he would give it up too. It will be harder for me to stop going with my friend, because she (like me) always wants to go even when she can’t afford it. She is single and feels alone in her house, her kids are all grown, so I know she gets lonely, bored and depressed, she has told me so. I am going to have to worry less about her and work on me. Unfortunately, I have the urge to go about 4-5 times a week, I hate that and I want to stop! I owe taxes so the IRS and the State tax collectors call me daily, and it is because of my irresponsibility.

The GA meeting was great! Ours are either for gamblers or gamblers and family/friends it effects. I went to one with only gamblers. I was scared to death drove by 3 times before I pulled in. I cried a lot they said I'm not the only one most do at the 1st meeting. They all went around and told their story this one was a very small group (7). Some worse some about the same, different gambling habits one was stock market/sports betting. The women were the slot machines/bingo. They say if you feel judged find a new meeting. We have them everyday of the week in our area except they are all at least 30 minutes from me. I'm in MO they have a program that pays for counseling I think I'll try calling to set something up.

I've not had a good day not because I even wanted to go gamble but I'm feeling bad about myself and then something happened with my son (nothing to do with gambling) I went to get a haircut she asks me how my day is going I burst into tears and say not good. I felt like such an idiot but she didn't charge me for my haircut and gave me a much needed hug.

I'm like your friend my son is grown I've been divorced for 25 years.

One thing I read was if you have the urge to wait 10 min and then another. I know sometimes I will take my makeup off and change into something comfy and I won't want to get ready again! Not sure about the 10 minute thing I've tried to quit smoking that way and it hasn't worked! Another thing they say is to not carry extra money or ATM card. Fortunately I don't live close enough to just stop by but if I know I'm going to be in the area I'll leave the debit card at home. My mistake Friday night I had it! ugh

okie take care of yourself everything else will fall in place. There is a better world out there than the casino they don't give a **** about us!

Well you had the courage to go into that meeting after driving by 3 times, that says a lot for your determination to quit the casino. You have inspired me to find a meeting to go to this week. I have tried the waiting for 5-10 minute thing and it usually doesnt work for me. Your so right the casino’s definately do not give a damn about us or if we can pay our bills. I always have the intention of leaving my debit card at home, but always end up taking it and always end up using it! I am also a smoker, I started smoking when I started going to the casinos, about 5 years ago. I would like to quit smoking, but not sure that I can concentrate on that battle yet. I hope everything is ok with your son, I know how stressful it can be to have problems with children. I have 3 all grown now, or atleast all over 18.

I do live very close to the casinos, there are 3 within about 10-15 miles from my house, it just seems like they are everywhere! No matter what side if town I am on, there is a darned casino. Oklahoma is full of them.

Well thank you for sharing with me, you really are inspiring! Stay strong and let me know how your meetings are going, I’ll work on finding me one!

After reading many, many posts some of the people are talking about going into the Casino and Self banning themselves..I don't know anything about it , my problem is with 1 bar and their poker machines . I cant stop once I start, I can walk away in a Casino but not this bar, anyway I read that if you self ban and they catch you in thwre, the 1st time they escort you out , the second time they call the police fopr tresspassing...and if you win a jackpot you don't get it, I don't know if you are to this point , but I just wanted to share it with you.. Hang in there I support you!

Wow, I didn’t know about the self banning thing. I’ll have to do some research on that. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I fought the urge to go to the casino today, because my husband was watching sports all day and I’m not into sports, so I had to keep myself busy, my house is really clean! Tomorrow will be the bigger challenge for me because it is ladies night at one of the casinos near my house and I know my friend will ask me to go. I am going to talk to her tomorrow and let her know that I am not going. Oh, it’s going to be tough, because she is my best friend and I love hangin out and going to the casino with her, I know she will understand, but it is still going to be very hard.

Thank you for your support!

It is not easy, I have been around different types of addicts all my life, friends and I said, mine a little different, the Casino is not my problem..a new one opened in my City almost 2 years ago , and I thought boy Im done..but In the time it has been here I have only been therre @10 times. I enjoy playing cards more than slots , and I have still never sat at a table at our casinos. Stay strong today, maybe try an go t a meeting. I have never been to a meeting but I think I am going to go to one tomorrow, weather I do or don't finding this site really helps me. I am slightly different, I do not gamble everyday nor do I have the urge to, I used to be terrible going everyday... My Priorities changed when I met My partner,,at first we would go together, but we were making alot more money then we do now.both holding 2 and 3 jobs, so what we blew did not hurt us. That is not the case anymore. My partner is not a gambler, she has given me many chances. She went on vacation with friends on friday night I went out, I emptied the bank Account..Luckily I won and was able to put the money back into our account. I do not know how she will react when she gets home and reviews bank account! All I know is I never felt so much like a loser in my whole life..She trusted me and I let her down , I did it to myself , I can only hope and pray that she will be forgiving because I put the money back. I do not know what my future holds but I know one thinbg for certain. I dont ever want to feel that way again, I do not want to lose the life I have I will stop!

Okie hope you didn't go to girls night! I smoke to I told a friend I wish they would ban smoking at the casino then I wouldn't want to go! LOL One person at the GA talked about banning herself so then she just drove cross the state line I don't think KS has the ban (I don't know for sure). If you did though and won a jackpot and couldn't get it and get escorted out I think I would be so pissed at myself and die of embarrassment!

dtorre I sure hope your partner gives you the benefit of the doubt. Are you going to watch Monday night football? Just take drinking money!! Well said you don't want to lose what you have - just keep that thought. Maybe you can take her picture out if you feel the urge? worth a shot

I don't have the urge everyday either, but I'll be at a meeting Friday night!

Watched Monday night football at home with the dog's, didn't spend a cent.!....Wouldn't that be terrible and embarrasing to win a jackpot and not only not get it but be escorted out!

So how was your day Ndforbf?

And Okie how was yours? I also hope you did not go out for ladies night, unles it was to look into the Self ban.

I'm calling it a night soon....Today was my 1st day back to work in @ 2 1/2 months, (had surgery end of July) and Im a little tired.It's gonna take me a little to get back into the swing of early rising.

Stay Strong

Does anyone else light up a cigarette every time you go to a bonus round on a slot machine? So weird, but I smoke at least a pack when I'm there, and don't smoke much outside of there.

i live in ok myself and i know what you are feeling i cant turn around with out running into a casino i wish they would have never allowed them to open up in ok.i drive to my house and pass one i take the long way around and theres a differant one.go to familys house pass by 3 of them.they have every highway out of the metro blocked with a casino.went to the lake this summer and could not count all the casinos i passed.i hope good things for you all.i wish you good luck in your fight.

I really need help,I want to stop going to the casino but I don't know how.

One of the ways to do it …locate and attend a gamblers anonymous meeting in your area…all da best…