Don't know why I am crying

I hate it when I start crying and can't stop, especially when I don't know why.
I was reading the roll call posts on another site. Most of them are happy things. The only sort of sad one is that someone is moving. This person was a really good friend until she found out I was in a mental hospital and since then has not wanted to anything with me or even talk to me.

Crying is part of life. When you struggle with depression and anxiety it is so very hard to truly feel. Embrace it. I've found that when I'm having an outbreak of sorts of a specific emotion, journal about it. It will offer you remarkable insight on why you were feeling that way, as well as warning signs so you are able to work your way through it better equipted the next time.

I generally feel better after a good cry....

I realized that part of it was the titles of some of the Thanksgiving related posts and the fact that my family has NEVER let us do a holiday meal, even when we lived closer to most of them. It makes me feel like even more of a failure.

I went from crying to hitting myself first with my fist and then a board.

I really wish I had someone I could talk to right now

krazy if you need someone to talk to i am here for you, just shoot me a message and i will respond to you pretty fast beacuse i have email on my phone

Krazy, I hope you got through your rough patch above....thinking of you <3

Things got worse before they got a little better. I ended up hurting myself some but nothing serous.

I didn't sleep much last night. I had strange dreams when I did and woke up with a bad headache. I think it is a combination of dehydration and from hitting my head a lot yesterday.

hey krazy, headache any better? how are you feeling otherwise?
i'm sorry you had such a bad day. there really is nothing wrong with crying though (i do it various times a day!) it just shows that you have emotions.

and how about starting your own new thanksgiving tradition? if you want to have a meal why not invite people? i know it won't change the past but you deserve a happy future with everything you want!!


I don't have anyone who would come. My husband would love to do thanksgiving in yosemite some year but we can't aford it right now. I do plan of finding out where the nearest park with a swingset is from my SILs current house (she has been in 3 different rentals in the last 3 years) I have found swinging helps me a lot. I never knew how much until I realized my issues started after we moved and the swing set did not come with us and I used to go to the swings at the school 2 doors down until they took them out and put portables in. It was around that time that I started really hiding instead of trying to think things out. When I got involved in a therapy group that involved walking and sometimes swinging for the first half I realized how well it cleared my mind. Unfortunately I can't go to that group any more because I am not allowed to go to anything at that facility since I was taken from there 3 times by ambulance.

My head has been feeling a little better since I took a nice long bath. It helped me get rehydrated.

hey krazy,

i'm glad you're a bit better, i hope it'll only go uphill now.
swinging sounds ace, and it's very relaxing. freeing your mind while flowing through the air :-) i should try that too, lol.

re thanksgiving: do you have kids? or is it just you and your hubby? do you have any friends nearby at all?

I have 2 girls and they are looking forward to dinner with the relatives.(my Husband's side)
My Therapist had to cancel my appt in 3 weeks and mentioned she had something open this week so I am going to see her on Thurs (my last appt was last week) She wants me to have a specific thing about how I am feeling about Thanksgiving to work on. With what I did to myself yesterday I am glad I will see her in two days.

absolutely. don't hold back on anything when you see her, it is YOUR time then!!
keep strong, krazy!!