Don't Touch Blemishes - Leave Them Alone

This is a good article about how and why to leave your pimples alone;

"It's normal to want a zit gone right away, but if you pop it, you could be risking an infection and scarring, as dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban explains on The Doctors today.

"You can buy what's known as a comedone extractor to help pop zits without using your fingers, lowering your risk of infection, but it's still not a good idea. According to Dr. Shamban, even with the extractor, you still run the risk of infection and scarring. The best way to deal with a current breakout is to visit your dermatologist who can professionally remove your pimple or use a fast acting acne treatment.

The best way to avoid scars is to prevent zits from forming in the first place. Medications to treat both mild and severe acne are available. Prescriptions like isotretinoin, a vitamin-A derivative, are used to treat severe acne. However, isotretinoin is associated with some dangerous side effects and is rarely prescribed. Most physicians will opt for other treatments such as topical creams and cleansers, which commonly contain salicylic acid, or acne laser technologies...."


Easier said then done!!!

Oh, I am right there with you. I am notorious for picking at my blemishes and have suffered the consequences of scars because of doing so. My close friend will walk around with large blemishes loud and proud. She won't dare touch them and allows them to live out their course and go away naturally. I have no idea how she has so much patience when it comes to such a thing. I see one small blemish and it drives me nuts. Once I pick at that one, it's a slipper slope and I'll pick at others. I am really trying to work on getting this under control.

I dont know, i think id rather pick it then walk around with a huge crator on my face :s I dont scar though so its different...

I'm right there with you, think I just need to be more patient and not pick at anything until it's ready to be extracted.

i love that it is a few days before new years and of course, with good timing, i have broken out. of course this says don’t pop but what do i do when i want to get rid of it before friday? i swear acne is the problem that never goes away not even with age.

I think that stress and diet play a massive role in adult break-outs. I know that if I'm stressed and not eating properly, then low-and-behold there come the blemishes. The only thing that I can recommend is as follows; drink lots of water, keep your blemishes clean (cleanse with alcohol or toner) and then dab with over-the-counter blemish lotion. That should take care of it from the inside and out. The key is to dry it out, so that it doesn't spread.

ehhh I wish I could leave it alone but I can't it's just so ugly on my face and I have to get rid of it. Unfortunately I have lots of marks on my face. It's odd because it's mainly on one side. When the ugly marks start going away new pimples appear and I have to pop those and the cycle begins all over. THANK GOD FOR MAKEUP!!! lol That's the only way I can feel better about it. I've tried prescription acne creams and they have worked, but they also dry out my skin and make it look flaky. I think I mainly get stress acne. I wish I could do away with it =/ Thank god it's winter so I break out a little less than in the summer.

Hope you guys are doing well. I like Noxzema for cleanising. Maybe it can help you guys =)


Absolutely Rose! Thank goodness that we are able to turn to make-up as women. My male friend of mine was complaining about a break-out yesterday and there wasn't a lot that he could do about it, whereas I can cover mine up. I also buy medicated concealer that treats my blemishes while they're covered up. Otherwise, I try to let them breathe and run their course as long as possible, but I am definitely one that picks and later regrets.

medicated concealer? where do you get that? is that perscribed? I like MAC. I'm addicted to MAC makeup =D
I can usually cover it up but still have bumps underneath =/ The funny thing is I just get it on one side haha well i guess it's better than all over right? I think I sleep more on one side maybe. It used ot be worse when I was younger (though I'm only 20 years old now) And yes it really must suck for men with acne. Though I've usually seen more women with acne than men. Though I think women get more affected by even one little pimple. Women tend to worry alot more about appearance. Society kinda emphasizes beauty and perfection and women so much more. It can be so stressful =/

Best Wishes luv <3

I use Neutrogena's medicated concealer stick and it works like magic to conceal and clear up blemishes at the same time. I used to sleep on one side of my face and it's bad for acne and blemishes, as well as wrinkles as you get older. I noticed the impact of that over the last year. A good friend of mine recommended laying on my back and hugging a pillow as a way to stop sleeping on my side, it's worked brilliantly for me. Now, I'm in more of a habit of sleeping on my back naturally, where sleeping on my side seems odd.

oh cool I’ll try that one day. Though I hate buying makeup in the pharmacy because I it’s sealed and I can’t try it and pick out my color and with my luck i always get wrong color lol. I sleep on my stomach/side. I can’t sleep on my back my neck/head hurt. I try to turn and rotate it a bit when I wake up I try to sleep on the other side. I wake up a lot. But ultimately I end up back on one side haha When you’re tired you tend to just give in =/ At least I’m not having too many break outs right now. I’m just dealing with the marks right now =/ Hopefully they go away soon. I’d like to be pretty enough to find a date =/ ehhh I think I kinda am but still nothing comes my way =/


Rose, I am sure that you are gorgeous...we are always our own worst critics. I know that the man who comes into your life will be incredibly lucky, it's just worth waiting for the right one. I always say that I'd rather be single then with the wrong person.

lol you can’t be sure because you’ve never seen me =P I mean I don’t think I’m hideous or anything but I just don’t understand why nobody wants me =/ I get hit on sometiems but mainly by idiots on the street that just want to have sex with me and they hit on anything that moves. I’ve never had like a real decent guy interested in me or at least show it to me. And yes I’d rather be alone than with some random loser, but I just want to be held right now! I have standards and all but I want affection! I had my daddy before to hug me and love me but now I have no one and I need that. All I want is to be held. It’s so impossible to meet nice guys. It’s like where do you go?!

You’re so sweet <3
Thanks for the support


Rose, I can totally and completely relate to you, even though we are just a few short years apart ;-) I'm in my late 30s and I've been through a lot on the dating and relationship front. I thought that I'd be married with kids by now, but I ended up choosing career over my personal life. I don't regret a thing, but time flies when you're having "fun". One thing is for certain, you can get out and meet just anyone..someone who would like to sleep with you, because that happens to me every time I go out. But, there are really good guys out there and I know that when it's the right time for us, these guys will come into our lives. It's what you do in the meantime that counts....focus on yourself and making yourself happy. Find inner fulfillment on your own by surrounding yourself with positivity.

Do you have friends around right now while school's out?

thanks luv =) I definately agree! When I was younger (and stupider) I thought I’d find the perfect guy and be married by now and blablablabla I’ve always been more focused on school and I feel like I’ll end up without the husband but I just haven’t met anyone woth sacrificing anything for. Plus I don’t feel like sacrificing grades or anything for a guy. I mean most guys I meet just want to have sex and that’s it and I’m not interested in that. I want to have someone love me but I really just want to feel fulfilled and not have to depend on a guy for money. I understand focusing more on career instead of a guy. I mean a guy can leave but you’ll alwas have your intelligence and success.
Nah not many friends now that school is out. They go on vacation, work, go home, etc. I’m just kind of alone =/ Plus I don’t talk to people about my problems so…

Good luck with the men and everything hun <3


You're so sweet Rose, thanks so much for the luck, you're so fantastic.

I believe that balance is key in life and I lost sight of that completely. To me, my business was everything and then time just flew right by and here I am. The one piece of advice that I can give you from my experience, is please find and maintain balance in life. Don't throw yourself into a career and allow your personal life to fall to the way-side. I think that having a successful career is great, but it doesn't hold you at night and keep you company. It's a lonely path in the long-run. Staying in school and keeping focused is so essential now, and I am so happy to know that you have such a good head on your shoulders. You are brilliant and I know that you have such an amazing future ahead of will have a successful career and a man who loves and adores you. I know that you will!

Thanks sweety <3 You're pretty amazing yourself.

Yes yes I know a career won't hold me at night but I guess if I make enough money I could rent someone to hahahah just kidding. I'd love to find someone but its just way too hard to meet people (at least good ones). I'm sure you'll meet someone =) Hopefully he turns out to be everything you want =D Prince charming better come soon or I'm bound to give up =/
Listen to/ look at the music video of the song "fairytale" by Sara Bareilles. You'll like the lyrics it's funny and so is the video haha =D



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much Rose, you're the best. I know that your Prince Charming is out there...please know and believe that, and he will come to you.

The Sara Bareilles video/song is absolutely adorable and so fantastic! Thank you so much for the suggestion. Love it!

hahah glad you liked it. I love it! Really kills all those fairy tale endings hahaha. “Cinderella’s on her bedroom floor she’s gotta crush on the guy at the liquor store cuz Mr. Charmin don’t come home any more and she forgets why she came here…snow white is doing dishes again cuz what else could ya do with 7 ity bity men…” :wink: hahah LMFAO that’s my fave line there. Where are you from luv? I’m from NY.

Maybe we will find some princes soon =) Hopefully they don’t drive us to the bedroom floor with a crush on the guy at the liquor store :wink: lol