Dont waste your time and life on Negative and unfruitful people

You will go a lot further in life if you simply just Ignore people who are critical or people who make life miserable, Don't waste time fighting about things that are truly unimportant.

Remember, you are someone, It doesnt matter who you were in the past, its now time... your future is to important to be peppered by small minded people...
Be an eagle, fly as high as you want..

think of people who bother you as crows, always pecking at you, and you are the eagle, yes crows harrass eagles, they can manuver really fast, The eagle simply just flys higher and higher... Way above the lowly crow, who could never fly that high, who just wanted to peck at you to bring you down to thier level.

don't loose any peace if someone isn't for you... Don't loose any love for yourself just because others don't love you... it's not worth it.
Be a creation, be a champion, Put on your mental armor and walk in dignity, when there are those that are trying to tear you down, don't waste your time trying to win them over, shake them off and move forward.

Be an eagle

Wow this I really related to, due to I try to make things ok with people that just do bring me down. This is a great thing to think about on a daily basis. Hope you do not mind but I even printed it to put in on my bathroom mirror to remind myself the start of every day not to let what others say or thnk about me bring me down.

Good! I was thinking of developing an essay out of this Notion, then God just got a hold of me and told me to preach it here.... : )

Hi..I was looking you up and found this post..I can relate to this too..with my daughter..thanks for the lesson :) I have a couple things I try to remember when dealing with difficult people..I grew up in a home with a very angry, verbal abusive father and my husband has a problem with anger management, too (not a great combination for me sometimes!)

The first thing is they are doing the best that they can.

The second is walk a mile in their shoes..then at least you're a mile away from them and you have their shoes :) it always makes me smile!!

I'll try to remember that when thinking about my daughter.

Thanks, Donna