Down the Rabbit Hole

I am in a medical nightmare version of down the rabbit hole. I had gone in for a bladder CT and they ended up finding three lesions on my liver. After the CT scan I went for an MRI with contrast. The radiologists were not able to determine if it were cancer or not. The lesions are shaped in such a way they can't say. I have made an appointment with a liver surgeon who is very well known to take a look. Then today a nephrologist called because once a surgeon is done, a nephrologist would follow up. I have no idea if the surgeon will say this is cancer. I have no idea if there will be further tests. I've fallen down a nightmarish medical rabbit hole:(


I am sooo soo sorry (((hugs)))! I saw your other post about normal liver function. That is a GREAT sign! At least whatever it is - it is not having an affect on your liver. It could be non serious.

I am glad you are seeing a liver Dr, so you are doing all the right things. Now its just the waiting game for you.

Which is the worst! (((Hugs))) again!! You hang in there - how long before you see the Dr?

Keep me posted!
I will be praying for you!
God be with you and bless you!
Ave Maria!!

I am seeing a liver surgeon the 22 of this month. I have lined up a nephrologist for the follow up the 20 of July. Yes waiting is the worst. I'm upset, depressed, and scared.