Drama-free NYE

I have a group of friends who really want to all get together to ring in the new year. There have been many ideas tossed around as to where we'd spend new years. Though, after a weekend filled with too much drama amongst some of the girls in my group, I'm so turned off to spending new years with them. Another girl in the group, who is such a close friend and a great girl, wants just the two of us to venture out together for a drama-free night.

How do I politely break away from the group and not upset anyone? Any suggestions?

If you haven't already told them yes you will join them then just be honest. along the lines of -- I have another friend who would like to spend a 'quiet' NYE just the two of us together. And this year I think that would work better for me. I will miss you and think about you but this year I won't be able to join you.

If you already told them yes then even more it is important to be honest. along the lines of -- I know I said I would spend NYE with y'all but after this past weekend I don't think it will work out for me emotionally this year. I need a calmer NYE and so will not be able to join you

either way there will most likely be some upset but do what is right for you. You won't enjoy it is you are worried the whole time about drama. so bite the bullet be forthright with them and get the drama out of the way prior to the big night then go have fun.

i agree with krisalis, if you haven’t agreed to anything, then say you want to keep it really low key and not do a big thing. i think you shouldn’t have to worry about drama and who will fight with who on new years. if the above suggestion doesn’t work, then just turn off your phone until after new years :), good luck and i hope it goes well.


just tell the truth they cant eat u can they? and if they are good friends it wont matter if u send txts or speak the new years greetings

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

Thank you all so much for the wonderful suggestions and support, I really appreciate it. Everyone in the group seems to be off and now wanting to do their own thing, other than one of the girls who seems adamant in spending NYE with me, she even booked a flight to my city. She has a lot of other friends in the city, but really pushing to do something together. She's the only problem I have at the moment and the one who causes most of the drama. So, I will have to somehow detach from this girl. I want a very quiet and peaceful NYE.

good luck puppy. did you and your friend talking about her flying up, or did she just book it on her own? if she just booked it and assumed then she needs to respect the fact that you may not want to spend it with her. but the good news is she does have other friends. stay strong, i’m sure it will all work out for the best.