I have been having dreams again about doing very dangerous, self harm things. The dreams scare me because they seem very real and I often dream about things and then either the exact thing or something close happens. I am also scared because a part of me wants them to happen.

I'm so sorry about your dreams, I do know what you talking about because I have been having dreams that seem so real. They scare the hell out me because I believe they are really things that has happened to me when I was younger. I'm here ifyou wanna talk.

My dreams have involved being in the drivers seat of a car and crashing. Others have involved wandering somewhere when out of it.

My oldest daughter also gets the premonition dreams. She dreamt about her boyfriend who was in the military being deployed sooner than expected and for longer. She woke up and thought 'good it was a dream' right after that she got a call from him that was exactly what she dreamt.

Try not to think of these dreams as premonitions. Perhaps they are more of a sign of something going on in your life, or symbolize a fear or anxiety you have?

I often have dreams that seem as though they might come true. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. We make our own fate, so a dream can't dictate the future completely.

hey honey....our dreams can seem so real at times. Often we dream about things that are possibilities in our lives. So its not really a premonition at all. Especially when those things actually happen. I've dreamed about things that happened also. But they were already possible. Please don't hurt yourself? I know you don't want to, then feel bad when you do it. I'm praying for you that you won't....thats probably why you have dreamed about it. I'm praying for you for strength to not harm yourself honey. I'm praying that this will pass! I'm praying for your family too. I'm praying for your daughters boyfriend too......I love you hun!

Part of how I know many of them are premonitions are the little details like people I have never met saying specific thing, going to a place I have never been and seeing exactly what I saw in the dream. I know that at times I can prevent the possibility, like when I kept crashing my bike in dreams I stopped riding my bike until a while after they stopped.

those kinds of dreams are scarry...I see what you mean. Thats never happened to me. My dreams are often based partly in reality or because of it. But like last night, I also dream a lot about lost love. Those dreams leave me feeling sad when I wake up. Because I'm single now and i don't want to be.

Dreams like that can really throw you off. I have dreams like that, I dreamed my husband tried to kill me and when it happened I was so freaked out about it. Our dreams are sometimes telling us something.

yes i guess thats true.....minde usually re-mind me that I'm still alone or that I'm in debt and stressed out by those that I owe. But the other night I dreamed dead people were after me to kill me! I swear I've never watched a zombie movie b4 either! What does that mean?