Drinking and Restricting...Bad Mix

I am sitting here fighting the urge to vomit. I went out with some friends tonight and we played a trivia game and if you tied in a round you ha to have a chug off. Usually the guys on our team do the chugging...but tonight they wanted to do a girls "suck off" where you suck beer through a straw. However, I haven't had much to eat today...therefore I am sure I am going to vomit cause the beer on my empty stomach is making me sick.

Also, right about now my boyfriend is in his ex's room consoling her because...well I don't know why. She is weeping and he is "being a good friend". I always compare myself to her...how thin and pretty she is. I don't feel like I add up...I hate living with her.

You live with ur fiancees ex?

Don't compare yourself to her! You both have your strengths and weaknesses and no one is better. You're both beautiful. As far as the nausea...I haaaate booze nausea. It'll pass go to sleep if you can and drink some water. Your boyfriend wants you now not her anyway :p

Ashley....this is a dangerous mix...please seek help! Thinking of you dear! ♥

Thinking of you, Ash!! ♥ I hope you can eat something and feel some relief... :0/

Lots of love!


Yeah Gina I live with my fiancé's ex. I mean they have always been really good friends, and she is seeing someone else so I know there isn't anything going on between them. Plus my fiancé and I have been together 5 years...so nothing to worry about right.

Absolutely, I wouldnt be worried. I am however worried about alcohol and restricting...

yeah, it isn't an all the time thing. I hardly ever drink.