Drugs then Sex addiction---Desperate wife need help!

I've been married for about 8 years now, my husband prior to us getting married he was addicted to drugs, but I was so naive that I decided to continue and see if he would give up the drug. during the 8 years have been a battle with that addiction. I decided to separate back in early this year, but we only ended up doing it for two months, he called me with the story that he was on the streets because the place where he was staying kicked him out, it was a recovery program he was in. I felt bad and took him back, after I took him back I regretted it. He's been clean from drugs for about 5 months now. I still live with that in the back of my mind if he's going to mess up again, but he has not up to this day.

Since we got back together for first time, he left the drug alone, But I just discovered during the past 4 months that he has been going online and pay a membership to chat online with women, He has bought a camera which he told me he only uses to call his mother via Skype. I think it's porno or cyber sex what he's been doing. I was able to retrieve a report of the website he goes to, and I realized everytime he has money he goes in and spend from 5 dollars to 49.99 in tokens to chat with those women.
I have been monitoring this, and I confronted him once about it, and he denied it and we had a big argument 'cause he said I was accussing him and then on the next day, he admitted that he's been going online because since we got back together I don't give him much attention. My attitude has been different since I took him back even though he's not doing drugs no more, but I lived for 8 years with that drug addiction(crack cocaine) and now, is like he replaced that for the online sex thing. I've been knowing all alone that he has a neck fetish, but I know I had found pictures in his computer from lesbian kissing and stuff...Should I feel guilty for this, I really gotten to the point where I don't feel like being close to him at all. I get mad everytime he tries to touch me or try to be with me....I want to just let him live his life, and get a divorce. After I confronted him and he admitted it, he promised he won't do it no more, after that another month has passed and he keeps going online and pays for whatever he does day by day. He has not been able to finda job, and when I leave to go to work, he goes on to do his online work...I Need some suggestions, does anyone think this is replacing the crack cocaine addiction? I'm opened to receive any opinion. Is sex addiction or I don't know how to call this is this what I describe considered an addiction? does this type of addiction breaks relationship...Is it normal for me to feel the way I feel. Thanks

It is an addiction, you don't have to feel sorry because you have done all the right things. I am not saying he is a bad person just some one who is in need of help. We all have our vices and would like nothing more than to know how to deal with them. You could try to redirect his attention to something fun for both of you. If he is done with drugs try doing a couples night out.Use all the positive efforts you can come up with. This way you know you have tried. He should see it as a sign that you are willing to make a difference for the better. I hope he sees what you have to offer and stops with wasting the money on that porn stuff. He will see that what he has is a good thing.