Due to my predicament, I have to stay at home a lot of the t

Due to my predicament, I have to stay at home a lot of the time. I'm also in a LDR, so I have to use technology a lot anyways. But it's become detrimental. I'm always going on Facebook to check his page and see what he's up to. (Yes I have some trust issues). Then to take my mind off of him, I immediately try to numb my thoughts by watching videos, reading articles, or reading other people talk about their problems which never helps because usually I relate them to mine and begin to over-think once again. This week I'm creating a goal to not visit Facebook for a week, except Tuesday where I post information. Wish me luck!

Why not just disable your account?

@CKarma Hi! Thanks for your reply. I usually deactivate it just to reactivate it again, and I’m too sentimental to fully delete it if that’s even an option. I also use it as a navigation tool for business, so it’s not so simple. :slight_smile:

are you using google chrome? there are some web apps in the chrome store that can help you limit your time spent on certain sites. I know of at least one that makes it hard to disable as well (you have to perfectly copy a bunch of text without messing up)

@ameliorate Hey there! I am using Google Chrome, I’ve never heard of that feature. Interesting. Do you mind telling me more about it? Have you ever used it before? Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile: