Eating during illness

Hi, all.

So, I'm very sick at the moment, and I was just wondering how other people deal with food when they're under the weather. I mean, it feels like a really good excuse not to eat... I know it's not, but it's SO hard to make myself do it! And at what point does it cross over and become completely impractical--when can you honestly decide that it's just not going to work for you to eat normally? I'm really struggling with the idea of just going to bed and saying that I was too tired to deal with food. Rrrgh!


Mechanical eating, do it because you have too, not becuase you want too.

I wouldn't force yourself if you're just going to get sick and throw it up, that's not healthy either. If you're not going to throw up though, I'd just try my hardest to eat light things. Crackers, toast, soup, etc. Just don't make yourself more sick by trying to eat!