Eating then Feeling Guilty

Hi everyone. I'm new here (and currently feeling EXTREMELY embarrassed...)

A few months ago, I started dieting and ended up losing a good amount of weight. Everyone around me is very impressed with my new looks. However, whenever they compliment me, I get more and more worried that I'll gain my weight back.

Generally I eat well (good foods). As long as what I eat is healthy, I'm fine. But sometimes I REALLY want something unhealthy (like a piece of chocolate or cake etc) and then I run into a problem. I feel so guilty about eating it, I'll end up feeling (and getting) sick.

I suppose I could just not eat unhealthy food (but really- NEVER eat chocolate again?!) Anyway, I just wanted to say hey and if anyone is looking for a friend, I'm here. :-)

I have a similar situation, I lost a lot of fat, got lean, and felt guilty about eating anything that could get me fat again.

I got to the stage that I was really skinny, and not as much as I wanted to be.

So I guess you'd better watch out not to cross a line, because I think the fear of fat tricks your mind a bit, saying in your head that you're fat.

My solution: regular workout and I eat anything I want when I'm with my girlfriend :)


The number one cause of an eating disorder is dieting. Some people are able to diet without the diet taking over, but some, like me, are susceptible to developing eating disorders. It's hard to lose weight. And it's harder to ignore all the congratulations and admiration. It's addictive! The more I was admired, the more I felt desperate to NOT REGAIN! Determined as I was to not risk running into that problem, I continued losing weight. I was underweight, and felt unable to stop. I was too afraid. My advice is to seek therapy right now. Don't wait for the problem to get worse. Because it will... You CAN recover FULLY from an eating disorder! Why not start now? :)



Hi Stang, welcome!
I sort of have the same issue. except it's with everything :S I am just so afraid to gain weight!
Have you sought out counseling? I just began and it helps, it's tough at times but worth it. Worth the hard mental work.
If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here as well :)

Thanks for the support guys! I haven't spoken to anyone (except for today's post) about my feelings. I guess I don't want to let anyone down or sound like I'm trying to get pity.

It makes me feel better to talk with people who are going through the same feelings! :-)

Those are common feelings, Stang... None of us want to let anyone down... That's part of what maintains our eating disorders, I believe... :0/ I'm glad you're starting to write about your feelings. This is a good, safe place to start. :)



stang...welcome, and please know that you are not alone, AND that you can find freedom from this eating disorder! Eating 'healthy' can be a downfall for some who are overly restrictive, and that is what causes you to crave and perhaps eventually end up bingeing on those foods you do not allow yourself to have. I understand that you don't want to disappoint others, but YOU are the person you need to take care of, regardless of what others want or think. Not in a selfish way, but just in terms of being who THEY want you to be. Balance is the best eating prescription, and I hope you will consider finding a therapist to help you sort out these issues. Thank you for sharing....Jan ♥