"Eat to live, don't live to Eat"

- eating is essential for life
- starving yourself is impractical
- starving leads to binging (don't live to eat)
- binging leads to unhappy tummy's so don't starve in the first place
- eating makes you strong
- eating makes your body work right
- eating makes my brain see more clear
- eating keeps me stable
- starving makes me sad
- starving doesn't make weight stay off
- starving kills
- starving makes my body weak
- eating allows me to find laughter
- eating makes me do well on tests
- eating makes my heart beat regularly
- eating is essential for life

eat to stay alive. starve to die. I pick life.

Strong words.

amazing allee---this is so important!

This is just what I needed to hear Allee, thank you <3

Paige xoxo

Those are great points Allee

Thanks. I put this up for myself as well. I need to get back on track again. I hope this helps all you guys as well as myself :)


Did you write it yourself?

Yes I did athleticartist! Why do you ask?

Great reminders, Allee! ♥ You should post them somewhere you'll see them... The fridge?? :)



That would be good if I was living alone or with my boyfriend. Though my roommate knows that would be a little strange. Especially with visits from friends all the time. I would freak if someone noticed

Allee, I copied this hope you dont mind, and printed it and placed it on my wall, maybe it will help me live in the moment. Thanks,Tami

Hey Tami,

I am glad you think it will help! I really hope it does. Its definitely allowing my day to be better ED wise :)