ED is a sensitive topic for me, as I had it only a few yearsED is a sensitive topic for me, as I had it only a few

ED is a sensitive topic for me, as I had it only a few years ago. My mother doesn't understand why I am sensitive when we talk about losing weight (I had lost a lot of weight before when I had my ED, and now it's gone the other way). I think that ED has to do with mental health and it is a lifelong battle, if you let it. My family just does not get the **** that I went through, even after they took me to the doctors cause they were worried. They will never understand. I hate all of them!

hey, welcome here....I hope you find the support you're seeking from someone in the group...

@A487fG I understand I'm a recovered anorexic. I struggled with my eating disorder for years and one of the biggest things that caused me pain was the feeling that no one understands and it's true people that haven't had an eating disorder don't understand and they never will. You're family most likely does care they just don't know how to approach this and even if they didn't care it doesn't matter you shouldn't let it affect your recovery because at the end of the day it's you who is hurting not them.

@Duck95 Your use of the words “recovered anorexic” gives me hope. Thank you.

people that don't have eating disorder's will never understand a person who has one mine also is alot to do with mental disorder and all the meds I try suck for it make it worse or they bring another addiction to the surface alway's seems to be something. Hope you are doing better today.