Ed,meal plans and christmas ho do the all fit together?

so I am really stressing about the holiday. one reason being it seems to all be about food whats so and so bringing what are you cooking etc... then there the whole how do i fit my meal plan into my Christmas dinner without sticking out like a thorn. my nutritionist told me that sticking to my my plan is very important especially during the holidays because it very stressful and stress can be a trigger for relapse in it self, she gives me this info but does not really help me figure out how to make it work, should i try and make the Christmas diner fit into meal plan like if i have 2 carbs then have 2 carbs for the Christmas diner or should i pick for my list of choices given to me by my nutritionist like i normally do. then there trying to fit my snacks in with the busyness of the holidays. many of my snacks need to be prepared, plus im not going to be home im going to be at my moms house i guess i m wondering what you all do with you meal plans and Christmas? any tip or advise is GREATLY appreciated! thank you hope you all have a wonderful Christmas lots of love leah

Hi Leah.....It is critical to stick to your eating plan during the Holidays. This time of year is more stresful, so it's important not to allow that to pull you back.
It may seem like a lot of trouble, but it's worth it in the long run. This is not forever, but it may mean everything in terms of your recovery!! Take care....Jan ♥