ED question

it's normal to get bruises all over your body when you don't eat, right?

I know that I will be shaving my legs or in the shower and notice new bruises almost daily when I don't even recall hitting the areas in question...

okay, thanks....ill just have to start hiding those too along with the scars.

yep, definately normal.

If you have less body fat, you get bruised a lot more easily :(

Ruth xx

I do not have eating disorder but was a vegetarian up until a few weeks ago. Whenever my iron levels or other vitamin levels would get out of whack I could bruise just by having someone tap me to get my attention. I would assume when you are not eating properly for any reason the same would occur no matter what the weight or body mass is.

I guess so :)
I used to be a vegan and my iron levels went bizarely out of control, that made me bruise from sitting down! Get some supplements :) xx

hg, what you gotta do is not just cover the bruises but work on getting your ED sorted!! please do get the help you need, hun, i beg you!!

I too found that when I would be very restrictive with my food intake I would bruise more often.
I have to agree with Maedi- I think the bruises are a sign to find someone to talk with to work on your ED, not something to cover up.

holy **** thats why i got bruises i didn't even know of! i never really hit anything and i got a bruise and i was like wtf? where did this come from! well thanks for clearing that up...don't hide your scars. embrace them. they show the struggle you've been through. i embrace mine. its ok we're here for you