EDA group meeting

Hi everyone,

So I went to my 1st EDA mtg in yearsssssssss and was so disappointed. The meeting didn't even focus so much on EDA but just on people's lives in general. Then I was the only bulimic (everyone else anorexic) and finally it was so limiting - each time one of us started to mention something about looks, appearances, or numbers we got shut down.

So needless to say I am really disappointed. I won't be going back. There is another EDA group in the area but the meeting time/date is not as convenienet. I'll try it next weekend.

Anyways, thanks for listening. This site is SO MUCH more helpful than that group... but I was going to have local support.

The good news is that I feel GOOD today and dont' believe I will be b/p at all!! Thankfully - my body can't take it anymore.



I'm sorry to hear about your EDA meeting. I wish you could have found something better that was more local, but I'm glad you're still staying on here :) If you ever want to Skype to talk about things I'm game

I hope you keep up with the motivation to not b/p!
Paige xoxo

Hi Paige,

Thanks so much for responding (as usual). :) You are like this blog's hostess. lol.

Great day/evening with zero desire to b/p. Its weird how some days I have the strongest desire where no one could stop me and some days I just get it in my head that I'm going to go b/p free...

Oh well, thanks again for your constant support. I need to get Skype!!1 I think I'm the only one in the galaxy with no Facebook page or Skype. :(

I am still searching for a "live chat" room for EDs as I think it would be helpful to have real time chats at one's convenience without time zone issues, etc.

How was your day?


Hey there :)

Not a problem Caroline :)
I'm so glad to hear about your good day! This is definitely progress you should be proud of!! Soon the good days will get greater and the bad days less, just keep up with the motivation :)
Try, when you first wake up every morning saying "today is going to be a good day" confirm it in your head.
Breakfast is usually the key factor for me...eating well or poorly often determines my day. But I know you can do it!

Lol you are for sure not the only one who does not have facebook and skype! Skype is easy though if you have a webcam you can do livechats. It's real easy to set up too.

Live Chats would definitely be nice but I've yet to see one anywhere where there isn't some sort of charge. Is there any other community groups maybe a little outside your area you could look into?

As for my day...it was okay. I ended up b/ping as a resort to not being able to use laxatives. But I've learned from the situation. Neither are an option I'm allowed to toy with...they are forbidden. If I binge, it stays. No questions or excuses. It sucks, but it's the only way to beat this. I'm hoping for a better tomorrow :) and I wish the best for you too...2 days strong!?

Paige xoxo