Eeling down

Here I am a month after joining this site thinking I could inspire myself tostart a diet and exercise program for so many reasons, obviously mostly to lose the weight I've put on and am becoming even more depressed over. I have now put on another 15 pounds so now I'm 55 pounds heavier then my prelupus days and each time I gain weight and am pushed farther from my happy weight I get this thought of why do I even try, I'm never going to be happy again and then again just gain even more weight and heh look it's done it again, tacking on another 15 is a big number. I have wanted to get back into basketball but can't even run, now I can't even find the motivation to continue this program I found on a running website to get yourself back into running, earlier this year I had pnemonia which lead to asthma which I thought was gone tho my MD told me to continue to use the daily symbicort, but I do not Want to be on yet another medication for the rest of my life so I stopped it a few months ago probably not the best idea, the other day when running I had a close call for my first severe asthma attack in my life alone in a park, I never knew what people meant by attack, shortness of breath has a new meaning and the tightness in my chest was unbearable, that even continued throughout the day so I decided to order an inhaler which I'm yet to use because now I am back into my laziness routine. I don't get what's wrong w me, I ate like a pig yet again todaythen get mad at myself later and feel guilty. Any tips? Thanks

Hi ashlie, sorry to hear about your set backs. Do you exercise/attend the gym?

hi ashlie, im sorry you struggle so much. i know what its like when you dont get where you want to be.
what do you do nutrition wise to lose weight?
could you start off with walking/powerwalking? it's usually a very good type of exercise, but especially for asthma. it certainly helped me to lose some extra pounds too.