Effects of stress

I have really been noticing the effects of stress coming back ten-fold as of late. I have been beyond overwhelmed with my businesses, as well as trying to be there for my family and friends. This past weekend I attended a funeral, which really took it's toll on me emotionally. As of yesterday, I started getting dizzy spells again and feeling heart palpitations, which is a new symptom of this stress.

I am really trying to keep it together, but at times all of these life factors seem a bit too much too handle. Does anyone feel this way now and have suggestions on how they're dealing with their stress?

Thank you so much!

If you are having those signs just as a precaution I would def. go to your DR. and tell them about your symptoms and have a stress test. I am not an expert not Dr. but just finished my Cert for EKG and you def. have some symptoms of having a slight circulation problem or you might have an underlying blockage might not. Again I just think your dizzy spells and heart palpatations aren't a good sign and you should at least tell your dr. about it and inquire if you would benefit from a stress test. I am sorry anout your friend that has passed it was nice of you to be there for your friends and family but you and I know we have to be there for ourselves first. Try getting into walking daily or some sort of exercise routine. Plus meditation, yoga can help but even taking 10m out of your day to meditate can help reduce stress no matter what environment you're in. Plus spending a spa day or just a night at home with a bath tub, glass of wine nice soft music and candles with some lavendar can help. I saw on Dr.Oz this herbal liquid called passion flower helps to reduce anxiety and stress but again if your on any medication i would def. consult your MD Dr. and pharmacist before you purchase it. Some herbal medicine can couter react with some medication and vise versa so it's always good to check w. Dr. before you take anything. Anyway, look online about meditation techniques and that could help:) Also i heard this from smartcookies.com if you take a picture a day about something you love or admire, those pictures during the year can remind you of things you love and you'll focus on those things instead of the negative thoughts and feelings. Find beauty in life and you'll feel better:)

Hey Puppy,
I don't blame you for feeling stressed if work is getting to you. They say a little bit of stress is good for you...but you think it has gone passed this.

I know with you being an entrepreneur, you know everything about the company and it can throw your mind into this that and the other, and before you know you're thinking 2 months ahead, never mind what you're doing for lunch.

I would recommend mediation...for immediate calming...just go into a quiet room, light some lovely candles and lie in silence....it will take a while for your mind to silence but just keep focussing on your breathing, focus on your hands breathing up and down on your tummy, your heartbeat...and just keep thinking about that beat and your mind will eventually empty...it really is great and refreshing. And I would say commit do that every evening for half an hour...it's just you, no laptop, no cell phone, no thoughts just you and your breathing.

Also there are loads of relaxation CDs out there that my sister swears by, I don't have the names though, sorry I'll email her and get them.

Another thing I like to do sometimes to relax when I'm stressed is I tense up my muscles starting slowing from the feet right up to my shoulders, I think of each one getting tenser and tenser and all that energy crawling in there. And then I start to relax them back gently and imagine the energy flowing back out the tips of my finger and toes.

These things do work...but if you think these aren't enough go see your doctor.

i hope this helps a little...think I might give it a go now...

Much love to you hope you try it
Moongal x

Thank you both so much for all of your wonderful advice and suggestions. I actually took it a bit easy for four days (from last Thursday through Sunday) and as a result I am feeling a ton better. I really believe that stress and a non-stop lifestyle took its toll on my body. I only rely on myself for just about everything and therefore that adds even more stress on me. As well, trying to be everything to everyone was just all too much for me to handle. So, I have taken a very big step back and really scaled back in order to contain this stress and nip my health in the bud before it goes too far. Also, working out helps me relieve stress tremendously. And, I am implementing meditation as a start and then will look into yoga.

I really like to take herbal supplements if and when possible, as they really help alleviate stress. I started taking valerian root which takes the edge off a bit.

I am sticking to my routine of working-out, meditation, and scaling back on work.

Thank you both again for your support, it truly means the world to me and helps me so much. Wishing you all of the very best.

I've had dizzy spells and palpitations due to stress and anxiety before too. Have you tried listening to subliminal message CD's at all? I've just recently started using them for anxiety, as well as some other issues like fear of flying and shopping addiction. They seem to be helping, although it is a bit early to tell for sure. If you are interested, I got mine from sprudio.com. There's been a lot of great reviews. The owner, Elena, is extremely helpful too. You could also try some chamomile tea (Traditional Medicinals makes a great tea, and you can get it at a great deal on Amazon's Subscribe and Save.) I've also heard that lavendar scent is supposed to be calming. I hope that helps!

Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for the wonderful advice, I really appreciate it. I am so glad that they are working for you and I will have to look into them as well. For me, what's worked so well, is meditation and exercise. Please keep sharing with us.