Emotional Abuse from Daughter

My daughter is 25 years of age, she has three beautiful children aged 5 yrs, 3 yrs and 18 mnths, my darling grandchildren - there are 3 different fathers, all were abusive to her and are no longer around - my husband and me have always been there for her, I saw all her babies being born and we have taken care of them as often as we can - this year my daughter told me she is a prostitute and met this pimp boyfriend who she wants to move in with her and children - the children have already suffered abuse and my daughter keeps going out getting drunk and arrested - I want this man away from my daughter, he started telling her this year "if your mum and dad won't babysit when we see fit, then you must punish them and tell them they will never see the children again" - thats it really, I get it every week, emotional blackmail - my husband has had a breakdown and I suffer bipolar - what are we going to do? how do we stop her doing this to us and to the children?

First I am so sorry that you are going through all this pain. You sound like a very good person. I was abused by my parents especialy my mother, and I wish I had a mother like you. Your daughter doesnt realize how lucky she is to have you. So you know that I have some knowledge in what I am saying, I was a nurse for many years and I worked in many areas including psych, addiction and working with abused children.
As much as you obviously love your daughter, she is an adult and is free to make her own choices. I would tell her you will help her any way you can if she leaves this criminal she has taken up with and cleans up . But if not, dont get sucked into their life because of your love of your grandchildren. Report your daughter to social services, if she has a parole officer report her to him also. Call the police and report the pimp. Then speak to a lawyer about getting custody of the children. Right now the kids are the most important thing, the adults can make their own choices these poor babies are helpless. If they arent taken out of that environment soon they will be permanently damaged. Please speak to a social worker and a lawyer and find out what your rights are in your state. These kids must be taken away from your daughter until she gets her life together. Maybe losing them will wake her up. Dont give in to her emotional blackmail. Do anything and everything to get them away from her and that sob she is with. They are still young enough to have a chance in life, dont let her destroy them. What about the fathers? Are any of them decent people, do they care about the kids? Good luck to you, fighting for your rights and the kids will make you feel a lot better than just sitting around in misery not knowing what to do. I wish I had had someone like you when I was being beaten and emotionaly abused daily. I am 54 and I still suffer from the effects of what that ***** did to me. Get them out of there before its too late, I know what they will go through if no one helps them
Bless you and good luck, stay in touch I really care about what happens to you and to them.

I wont tell you what to do. But, I will tell you, you have a friend to talk to.. That is sometimes better. e-mail me at [email protected]. My name is Joanne. I felt the same pain.. Keep your chin up girl!!