Energy Drinks & Running - Dangerous

I've been told that caffeine before a work-out can really boost my work-outs and now I am definitely re-thinking this idea;

"Researchers found hugely popular energy drinks that are promoted to, and used by, a growing number of athletes for an "extra push", contained more caffeine than an average cup of coffee.

They warned “weekend warriors” and those "seeking an edge in an endurance event" faced potential health risks by using such products as they can seriously dehydrate users.
Researchers from the University of Texas Medical School, Houston also warned that users who mixed drinks with alcohol also faced increased heart rates and blood pressure and mental problems...."
        Source: The Telegraph, by Andrew Hough, 11/16/10

And this is why i dont drink energy drinks lol

usually the amounts of caffeine in energy drinks is not that large (i.e. red bull = 1 cup of coffee) and athletes are advised to always rehydrate with extra water.

as to the mixing with alcohol, yeah i'd be careful, mainly because of the increased uptake of the alc due to extra sugar from the energy drink.

1 red bull equals only one cup of coffee, really? I've had red bull before and it makes my heart race so fast and that's why I don't drink it anymore. Maybe it's the other added chemicals that have that effect or maybe it's just me. But, the definite danger is in mixing these drinks with alcohol.

yeah, a cup of coffee can have anywhere between 90-150mg of caffeine per cup, red bull has 80mg per can.
it may certainly be the chemicals but probably as well the high amount of sugar (i bet you don't drink your coffee that sweet?).

no matter what, energy drinks are certainly no health drinks and they really shoud be considered as a treat or something rather than a fluid or thirst quencher :-)

I drank a sugar free redbull...heres my description of how it tasted to me: tonic water with a rusty, dirty penny soaking at the bottom. YUCK.

i first hated it too, now i’m hooked on it! liquid gummibears without sugar :slight_smile: awesome!

Sometimes I will take one slim quick before I work out and it gives me a lot of energy without the jitters or a headache. Unfortunately it does nothing to suppress my appetite. I also like sugar free red bull, but I don't drink it often because it is so expensive. I hope it is not bad for you in moderation.

i think anything in moderation is ok. that’s really the best way, isn’t it? to find a good intermediate with everything. and generally your body will tell you what’s good for you and what’s not. we just have to listen :slight_smile:

Ewwww think it tastes like liquid gummibears? What the hell kinda gummibears do they have in England?!

i only do original German Haribo gummi bears :-) wouldn't really touch any English food!!!

You are all too funny. Maedi, you're probably drinking the regular red bull, whereas Lilac drank the sugar-free version which has a much different taste.

And, I think that the danger is combining the high caffeine content with alcohol, because the caffeine wakes you up and you don't feel the intoxication as much. Therefore, you can over-drink and it won't hit you until too many drinks in. The sugar isn't the problem, because there are tons of mixed drinks with high sugar content that are not considered dangerous [of course when in moderation].

And yes, everything in moderation is always the way to go!

oh hellno, i couldn’t drink a full sugar drink!! :slight_smile:
i’m just totally used to the taste of sweetener, don’t really like any of the sugar stuff anymore.

wasnt this post about running and not mixing with alcohol? lol so confused :s

Yes, it totally is. Sorry, totally confused matters here. Maedi mentioned mixing with alcohol and I got off track. Whoops.

it’s actually part of your original post too :slight_smile: that’s why i even mentioned it!

maybe we all need a bit of energy to concentrate again! lol

hugs to you all

lol! you are so right in that Maedi...its been a loooooong week and I definitely needed an energy beverage at the time to add some pep to my step :-)