Even bigger news

(no, I'm not 'with child') LOL

Recovery mode is in full swing!

A) Found a DR. (I told Jan I'm ganna start practicing what I preach to all ya'll....now if we all did that...LOL We'd be set!!!)

B) Back on a solid meal plan

C) Resigned from my job for health reasons and to pursue my dreams

D) Started up THE LIVING ART MOVEMENT (www.thelivingartmovement.com) And I'm getting CRAZY AWESOME feedback from local schools and mental health agencys!! WHOOT WHOOT!

E) Had our first 'Creative Art Expression' group last week - it was AWESOME!!

F) Signed up for a photography class - starts this tuesday night!! Been really playing around with the idea of charging to do photos hoots for people and making it a sideline thing...

G) My mood has stabilized on meds... that's always good.

H) Going and getting EXTENSIVE dental work done to correct years of bulimia abuse... ugh! Another appt tomorrow to fill holes and my temp crown already broke that they put on last week from my last root canal. ugh.

I) I AM HEARING WONDERFUL recovery news from so many of you here and I feel like we need to have a pep rally or something!!!! GREAT WORK FRIENDS!!!

I am hoping to be more active here as I KNOW I'll need your support and I desperately want to go all out and be everyone's personal cheerleader! You are all so close in thought and prayer!

Check out my website and let me know what ya think!



It's so great to hear you sounding so positive! :) It sounds like things are really starting to click into place for you. :)

Keep writing, friend. We'll cheer each other on! :)



Thanks Jen!

Are you feeling better?!? I've been praying for you - for real! not like when people just say that and they don't mean it...

So much better! :slight_smile: I’m healing well. Just now dealing with some anxiety over having shared my ED with another person. :0/ I keep expecting that to get easier. I guess the fact that it hasn’t really speaks of the shame I still carry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s to breaking free! :slight_smile:



Dude. I'm so over it. I'm just telling people left and right - built that website - going global for a higher purpose! I'm tired of living in shame! I'm ready to reach others and who cares what they think!! I'm actually finding LOTS of opportunities to help more and more people find the help they need!

im so happy for you, livign art. i am --this sounds awesome! really....

i think that giving back to something we have gone through is a great way to heal. i have always wanted to vonlunteer at NEDA, and i will do that soon, but ive been going though so much medical crap now, i cant. but i want to , and i do beleive that helping others through this hell will heal our own ED. i mean , how the heck can ED win when you are out there, fighting for freedom??? and fighting against a sick twisted soceity focused only on looks/weight loss? with the help and support of others, and conqering the shallow world withour own power and love, is how. we are our own personal cheerleaders, yes and guess what ? it works. EVEN if it is not in person, but online. gosh--i could only imagine the power if all of us were in person, supporting on another...


Wow nice job! Keep up the great work :-)

Thanks friends!!

Snag in today's meal plan...the dentist TORE apart my mouth to restructure somethings bulimia stole from me....like beautiful, healthy teeth....now I'm drugged and so sore I can only manage broth. Maybe so ensure later to make up for missed lunch and dinner... Can we ever catch a break?!? Even when we are fighting against all odds...

I need a new head. LOL this one feels like it's going to blow up I'm in do much pain right now!


Happy again to hear all your good news. I hope in time very soon I will have some good news to share also.I love photography as well but I don't do portraits.I used to sketch and maybe just maybe will start back into that. I have been inspired by some artist work I seen recently and I just can't seem to shake that thought of returning to it.

Your rockin it LA..so HAPPY for you!

Love AG♥