Even Diamonds have Flaws

Hello everyone,

I recently heard of some interesting information on diamonds and thought it was a great metaphor of the ED mindset of perfectionism:

Every brilliant shimmering diamonds, as exquisite as they are-- have flaws. All diamonds have flaws. When you look at the light shining off a luminous diamond, you dont see it---but there are little cracks in the diamond... So, even in its glorious beauty --even lusterous diamnonds--are flawed. Which is a lesson to all of us. No one is perfect. When i think of a crystalline diamond sparkling in the golden sunlight--I now see a correlation to what I learned and ED perfectionism. Nothing or noone is perfect--not even diamonds...

Diamonds are beautiful even though they have flaws. So then why cant we be beautiful and and have some flaws? WHY do we feel the need for perfection? This is the biggest problem for me----the need to be perfect. I think if I am perfect, then everything will be ok. That people wont hurt me if I am perfect. But I know this isnt right or true. All the time--I yell at my body--pointing out my 'flaws' and saying --why cant you be perfect? But I know it is impossible---everyone has flaws and no one is perfect. It is being human---imperfection. If we were perfect we wouldnt be human.

Also, there is no need for perfection or physical perfection. Forget about the lies of the media(on physical perfection) and start cherishing yourself. Start to cherish the love and warmth of your spirit or enjoy a stunning azure blue day in the summer....
For there enlies your true worth--not your outside, but inside. The outside fades but your inside love NEVER fades...

So, I have new respect for myself and inspite of my 'flaws" I started to accept myself recently. And focus on what I like about myself than what I don't.

And when I see (or think of) a spellbinding diamond flickering away in the joyous sunshine--I will think--I , like that diamond--am beautiful even with flaws.
WE do not need to be perfect---but ourselves...
When we start to realize this--then our many gorgeous inner facets can start to sparkle from the inside out---and shimmer endlessly --just like a diamond.


everyone on this site is a diamond!

You are such a sweet soul, Maureen and you do express yourself so well when writing your posts. Thanks for brightening my day!

my first comment--ha!
thanks so much molly and you always brighten my day!thanks so much for your kind words--they touch my heart....thanks always..

love and hugz


Christa I am so proud of you! BIG HUGS!!!!

thanks so much, beautiful---when you start to see PAST any 'imperfection( and mind you what we see no one else sees) and start to see who you are---as a whole--is incredible...

thanks so much--oh and i ve been doing my 'positives excercises' also...along with a mantra of self love and also i explore who i am every day..ok im trying to keep on track of things---i do have therapy homework i am far behind on, but will do soon, ha....

thanks so much beautiful and big hugz to you , too!


Thank you for reminding us all that we are all unique and beautiful because we are....just because we are.
Perfection is an impossibility, and the quest for it can lead to many types of heartache and pain.
Here's to celebrating ourselves, just as we are!! ♥

thanks jan, perfectionism is a very very hard thing for me to conquer, as writing this did help me...
perfectionism gets --tiring...

yes jan, we should celebrate who we are--like we would cherish diamonds....

thanks so much jan for your kind words..


You know, for a very long time I could not even say that I was beautiful. But I realize now that I am. Thank you for the reminder.

thanks, beautiful (and you are, by the way!)

yeah--i have a real difficulty with saying im beautiful--my therapist kept telling me to say all these positives and i decided to tell myself 'im beautiful ' everyday. now, i dont really necessarily mean it--or beleive it--but , i think my subconscious will start to beleive it one day. it is hard for me to say that in my mind even, for i feel conceited when i say or think that, but i realize it is important for those with low self esteem like me. it is an excercise---a journey to self love.

one day i hope to beleive it---oh, im starting to see some positives on my physical self but im also focusing in on the inside also..

i am so happy you are realizing your own beauty--and remember--we are all created different--but equally --beautiful...


“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” (wink)

thanks, beautiful --i just love that quote...as it is true--for all of us...


Did you ever hear the story about the cracked pot?

yes–and i loved it—it was sooo sweet…

thanks so for the reminder—i did enjoy that story very much…

that our flaws are beautiful --and useful–ha!


This post is so uplifting! It made my day!

thanks so much,kye----im so happy it made your day! glad you enjoyed it, as i enjoyed writing it...my fiancee said i should have titled this--'diamonds are a girls best freind!" hahahahaha.....

have a wonderful day--and welcome to support groups!