Even though no one is responding to any of my posts hopefull

Even though no one is responding to any of my posts hopefully i am not talking to myself, happy to report wanting to beat this. There are a few sites such as social media that absolutely ruin my mental health. I haven't gone on them today. I am itching to do so. Hoping some support from this group will help if anyone can reply? Thanks

If their that much of a problem delete them even though that might not be easy for you to do. Along with finding some things that interest you, like reading or watching tv, to help detach your mind form social media even it it's temporary.

@Jordan5683 Thank you for your reply. I honestly have deleted them many times. some sites i can’t delete. I delete social media then go on it again, then delete and go back again. perhaps it’s an escape i don’t know. I really feel they use you more than anything else. Now that i have admitted this is an issue i am hoping to work on it. The first step was admitting to myself it was even a problem! I only realized how much it was damaging my mental health when i would feel better when not using it. I am shocked at the impact it has had one me! Like the idea of reading. Thank you.