Eventful evening

Tonight was my first night at university. Second year of college, first year at this huge campus! I went out with an old high school friend to be shown around and we ended up playing badmitton in the gym. On our way back to our dorms two guys heavily dressed in glow sticks gallore stopped us saying I looked sad haha. He was part of the college safe fun (no drinking) Friday/Saturday night commity. So he got us to come to the main desk where they gave us huge free shirts and bunny ear glow stick ears which they assembled for us. Haha then they preceded to hang out with us playing badmitton and making us to fun balloon obsticles which I fell on my bum twice! It was so much fun and to my suprised they asked for my number. These people liked me for me! Haha it was so strange for me to realize! And to top it off they said that I was cute- even more astonishing! Of course I have a boyfriend so I told them that but I can't get overthe fun I had and the fact that I don't need my eating disorder to have an identity or look beautiful. I just need to be me :)

Yes! You just need to be YOU...that is more than enough! ♥

Oh my gosh that sounds like so much fun! I'm really really happy that you got to have fun and have a huge self-esteem boost your first night, that's awesome!

Hey allee,

I am so glad that you are enjoying your time at uni thus far. And you are so right in saying that you don't 'need' the eating disorder.

You yourself are enough and anyone who makes you feel otherwise needs their head checked.

Take care.


I'm so glad to hear of your fun Allee :) I hope university is going well for you <3

It really is! And I think alot of aspects of my eating disorder are dimming down. I'm just so tires with all the walking around haha since this campus is huge! I just hope everything stays going well


That’s great to hear :slight_smile:
Just remember to not let stress get to you


Allee, I'm so happy for you! I really think that getting away from our parents (even if we have great parents) and becoming INDEPENDENT helps a lot. Good luck with your classes and everything!

Hi Allee! I've only been a member of this support group for about 2 minutes, but you've already inspired me. I've been binge eating for about 1 year now, and all of your positive experieneces are inspiring me! Keep on doing what you're doing :)