Ever since I was young, I picked at the skin around my cutic

Ever since I was young, I picked at the skin around my cuticles, or my arms, or my scalp, or... well... if it has a little perceived flaw, I’ve kinda gotta scratch at it. Especially my thumbnails... which grow ridged because, as an OCD tic, I can’t leave them alone. If I start to think about them, I have to mess with them.

So I had this idea. Little fabric... sleeves? Bandages? That I stitch and wear around my fingers sometimes as a reminder not to scratch or pick. I’ve done them in loads of colors and textures, so it’s like an accessory to my outfit! It might be stupid, but it kind of helps! Of course if I were bleeding I’d wear a proper bandage, but as a preventative measure it works really well.

Anyone else have any tips or tricks? I have a few spots that are scarring rather badly. I’m trying to stop, but it’s really tough!

Edited to add: I was gonna share a picture of some of the fabric thingies on my hands, but no photos are allowed! I definitely understand why not, though. For safety, privacy, and to avoid triggering someone. Anyhow, they’re pretty neat!

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That's a totally cool, awesome idea. I'm impressed and proud of you. I personally like to use nail polish because once it's on I don't wanna ruin it by messing with a cuticle tag or hangnail. Perhaps one day I'll try your idea. I think my cuticle picking started in high school when I decided to stop biting my nails.

I don’t think it’s stupid at all. I think it could become a new style trend. I’ve had a lot of people tell me they have this habit.

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