Every time a new pore opens up I can't seem to notice anythi

Every time a new pore opens up I can't seem to notice anything else. I'm doing everything right and my skin still feels like its going through a mid teen crisis.

Your diet is clean and your drinking plenty of fluids through our the day? Do you find ways to cope with stress? Do you have a hormone imbalance?

@Cssm92 I have had hormonal imbalance before, and my stress is a constant companion unfortunately. I try to drink at least 5 glasses of water per day and I am eating as healthy as I can right now because I am on a weight loss journey.

Acne can be linked to SO MANY factors. You have to search in your diet, enviromental surroundings, body fluncations, health in general, hygiene products, and lifestyle to see where the culprit is first. It's a rought battle, believe me, I've been there.

I will tell you mine was hormone related and unhealthy diet. I started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar diluted twice a day, chaste berry supplements, and maca root supplements for hormone balance. I drank burdock root tea and dandelion tea for liver detox due to liver toxins being a main culprit in skin inssues (from what I researched) and yes, a GALLON of spring water a day. The water alone made my skin have a beautiful glow. I started eating organic, fresh, and raw. These foods were salads(homemade ACV dressings) veggies(cooked and raw) fruit (in moderarion due to excessive sugar) quinoa, brown sprouted rice, grass fed meats(in moderation due to my own digestive tract) etc. I shut off sugar, alcohol, coffee, proceased food, etc. I stopped washing my face and only used cold water, essential oils, and witch hazel. This helped my skin journey tremendously. Once I hop off the wagon and start to do unhealthy again my face breaks out.

I forgot to mention a VERY HIGH QUALITY probiotic for gut health. Live fresh cultures. This probiotic should not be cheap, if it is, then it is not high quality.

@Cssm92 WOW. You went to town on that acne. I will look into all that! Thanks for the tips.