Every time I come back to Sg and give it another chance, hal

Every time I come back to Sg and give it another chance, half of my carefully crafted text GLITCHES OUT!!! This is why I cannot tolerate investing deep written content only to have it disappear....

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It is so frustrating, isn’t it? Especially when you really need help, like–immediately!

That won’t happen on the new site! -SG

Ok I’m giving it a new chance but tbh- the sheer amount of changes and zillions of choices and ‘sub-choice clicks’ is over the top and 100% more confusing than the original site…really comes off as super ‘Clinical’ not cozy - not helpful, not feeling all neighborly anymore.
This is supposed to be catering to SUPPORTERS sharing Mental Health issues -trying to ‘find eachother’ out there. You made it extremely confusing and why would you put up an ALL White CLINICAL COLD background design.
Im sorry but this is the MOST boring Format I’ve ever seen…doesn’t the STAFF include anyone with a Web DESIGN degree??

Please change it!

We will take all these points into account. We want everyone to feel loved and supported here.
Thank you. -SG